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Originally Posted by V1del View Post
Afaik you can use it with normal OGL, at least them specs pg 42 suggest so, and also read the announcements of 1.5 couldn't find the specfile for some reason though, and they also mentioned improvements with normal OGL contexts and with Wayland around the corner I'd think they are somewhat interested in having the power of normal OGL available on desktops and stuff
I know that if you're on an AMD card, you can have a native EGL implementation as well as OpenGL ES:

I tried to get it working and to get ExtremeDude2 (who does have an ATI Radeon) to compile it for me, but I could never test with it on my NVIDIA-only access. NVIDIA, they make OpenGL ES access go through WGL extensions but not through EGL. And I have no idea what Intel is doing, though they mentioned eventually having an implementation of OpenGL ES for Linux.

If we do get a native EGL implementation on Windows I'd really like to check how it is. Maybe I can use it with Mesa3D then or something (which I still need to figure how to compile with the wayland acceleration support in it >.<).

Originally Posted by V1del View Post
Dafuq why was my post so late, anyway I can somewhat vouch for Intel OGL drivers being better especially for older cards, my 2007 ass core 2 duo notebook stopped OGL driver support at 1.4 or someshit and on linux it went up to 2.1 and could do z64gl and glide64 easy which both led to a blackscreen on win lol
really lol?

I always just figured they'd rather give a shit about DirectX. I read somewhere actually they're planning to drop support for deprecated OpenGL functions in their Linux drivers (dunno which ones yet or if they really only mean Linux). Other than that though I haven't heard anyone give a shit about the deprecation model in OpenGL 3.0 or removing functions.
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