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Old 30th November 2015, 10:41 PM
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420 post it!!!

Ignore the post number,read the topic "replies" count.

Choppy Animation
80330700 0066
Weird camera bugs too.

Spazzy Anims
80330708 00E7
Camera sticks in some spots briefly.

8033070C 0065

Seizure Dance
80330A5B 00F9
Models freak out.

Freakish Animations
One 81330ABA xxxx
Two 81330ACA xxxx
Three 81330ADA xxxx

Later past 0x80343000 address. *sigh*

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Old 1st December 2015, 11:57 PM
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Necro Edit: Sorry,I messed these up horribly with "8033" all this long ago,dammit.

Chimpy's Curse
8034393C 0064

Floating Eggs From Behind
80344F64 00E6
80344F68 00E6

Sky High Eggs
80344F6C 0066

Rising Eggs From Behind
80344F80 00E6

Weird Egg Physics
80344F97 0020

Gliding Eggs From Behind
80344FA0 00E6

Partially Orbit Eggs Behind
80344FB7 000C

Super High Bounce Eggs
80345068 00E6

No Egg Bounce Sound
8034506F 0000

Spit Eggs Don't Break On Walls
813450F4 2400

Alt Spit Not Break
803450FB 000C
They also move along the wall if shot at an angle.

No Slide Dust?
81345158 2400
Might allow more eggs out than normal.

Banjo the Magician
80345254 00C4
He returns,enemies also affected.

Freaky Banjo
8034525C 00C4

Banjo Flips Out
80345260 00E4

Banjo Feels Weird
80345268 00C4

80345270 00C4
Stands for Identified Flying Banjo,makes other things freaky as well,check out Mumbo!

Horrifically Mangled
80345284 00E4

T-Rex Limbs
80345298 00E4

Stiff Wings
803452AC 00E4

Stiffly Rigged Kazooie
803452B0 0066

Wild Growth Spurts
803452E4 0066

Compact Banjo Gear
803452E8 00E4

Moving T-Stance
803452EC 00E4

Odd Shape
803452F0 00xx
Use as a trigger code for the next few codes.

Stiff Or Loose
813452FA xxxx

Stiffly Rigged Banjo
803452FC 0066
May work in realtime on Mupen64Plus AE if it doesn't freeze.

Later past 0x80345300 address.

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Old 2nd December 2015, 11:37 PM
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Originally Posted by retroben View Post
420 post it!!!
every. day.
Originally Posted by dsx! View Post
are you american or something
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Old 6th December 2015, 08:54 PM
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Sorry for my absence,I was combatting Dolphin Android's lack of cheats working,and the fix was simply adding in some missing handler files after several days of trying various other things.
Did I mention I have a Shield TV Pro from the Black Friday sale?

Banjo-Kazooie (U) (V1.0)

Big Doofy Limbs
8034532B 00F4

Distorted and Head Under Ground
8034533C 0066

Squishy Head and Limbs
80345344 0066

Deflating Body
80345350 00C7

Warped Body
8034535C 0066

Retracting Limbs
80345360 00C7

Warped and Retracted
8034536C 00E7

Slanted Limb Growth
80345370 0066

Squishing Sides
80345390 00E7

Bow-legged Banjo
80345394 0066

Creepy and Cute
80345398 0066

Injured Banjo
8034539C 0066
Looks like he has casts holding his limbs up.

Alt Bow-Legged
803453A0 0066

Crushed Flat Limbs
803453A8 0066

Paper Limbs
803453BC 00C4

Wacky Body
803453C0 0066

Adorable Crouching
803453C8 00E7
Oh no! What'll I do?

Squishy and Adorable
803453CC 0066

Scary Stencil
803453D0 0066
Enemies are inverted and upsidedown.

Stunted Limbs
803453E0 00E7

Nose Crouch
803453E8 00C4
A crouch gone horribly wrong.

Stretched Diva Body
803453EC 00E7

Compressing Body
80345400 0066

Skewing Limbs
80345408 00E7
Slightly oversized and dispositioned at times.

Long Feet Slanted
80345410 0066

Painful Bending T-Stance
80345438 00E4

Flipping Crazy Limbs Torso
8034545C 00E4

Exercising Exorcism
80345480 00E4

Sprawled Limbs Spin
80345A50 00E4

Disco Kazooie and Painful Salute
80345A54 00E4
Crouch means ouch.

Hunched Arms
80345A58 00E4

Banjo Has Seizures
80345A70 0066

Flipped Limb Distance
80345A76 00BF

Cramped Space
80345A7C 0066

Weird Cramped
80345AA4 0066
Don't ask.

Overly Enthusiastic Animations
80345AB4 0066
That run animation.

Tucked Limbs
80345AC0 0066

Stanced Limbs?
80345AC4 0066

80345AC8 00C6

Insane Seizures
80345ACC 00E4

Floaty Body
80345AD0 00E4

More Insane Seizures
80345AD4 0066

Freaky Compact Body
80345AD8 0066

Crab Monster
80345ADC 0066

Fused Magician Banjo
80345AE0 00C6
Really cool looking,only correct inside the lair.

Angled Model
80345AE4 00E4

Splits Limbs
80345AF8 00E4

Better Moving T-Stance
80345B00 0066

Swashbuckler Banjo
80345B04 0066
Talon-trot is funny.

Stiff Kazooie
80345BBC 0066

Unturning Kazooie
80345BC4 0066

Stylish Talon Jump
80345BDC 0066
Feathery flap,and it gets weird.

Twisty Kazooie
80345BE0 0066

Twisted Mangled
81345CE0 2400

Banjo Bows
80345CFC 00E5

Another Wizard
80345D08 00E7
More stable.

Awkward Banjo
81345D0C 2400

Collapsed Banjo Kazooie Kit
80345D1D 0044

Weird Machines
80345D1E 001C

Status Ailment
80345FA1 0000
Everything likes to be zero,you die in one hit and die if you defeat enemies,this also grants you infinite lives from glitched programming.

Corrupted Status
80345FB3 0034
Causes a weird health amount and infinite health.

Glitched Status
80345FBF 0034
Gives infinite items and weird un-infinite health,notes can be overly collected from having 99 eggs and collecting notes as the egg count increases when collecting notes.

Stats Don't Drop
80345FC1 0000
Infinite stuff,but a double-edged sword as values also don't increase.

Maxed Infinite Powerup Stats
8034609D 0025
Using the related powerup maxes it out,such as shooting one egg sends it to 200,also infinite air.

Drained Stats
803460A3 0000
Easy to get a game over.

Infinite Lives
80346143 0054
Oddly enough.

Cheat Egg Cap
813461A6 xxxx
Choose any amount you'd like these to be capped to.
03E7=999 Eggs
FFFF=Infinite (triggers current value address to be FF FF FF FF which means it disabled the amount)

Normal Egg Cap
813461AE xxxx
01F4=500 Eggs

Cheat Red Feathers Cap
813461C6 xxxx
03E7=999 Red Feathers

Normal Red Feathers Cap
813461CE xxxx
01F4=500 Red Feathers

Cheat Gold Feathers Cap
813461E6 xxxx
03E7=999 Gold Feathers

Normal Gold Feathers Cap
813461EA xxxx
01F4=500 Gold Feathers

Max Infinite Powerups
80346203 0000
Useful for filling up the count to test your custom powerup caps after using the related item.

Disable Most of HUD
81346224 2400
Still conveniently there when pausing,lives image and number still appears when you grab honey or get hit.

Gold Feathers Are Musical
80346287 0010
This makes your Gold Feather count apply as the level's musical notes collected count after using the move,so custom value of 255 makes the level record hit 255 if you combine it with the "maximum infinite powerup" code.

No HUD or Stat Loss
813463DC 2400
Nothing decreases,but you also can't increase anything such as musical note collecting and the like.

Always Show Health and Lives
803465FF 0054

No Air Loss
8034687F 0001

Air Drop Rate
8134689E xxxx
4470=Really Frickin' Fast!
C270=Infinite Air

RBB Submerged Air Drop Rate
813468F2 xxxx
C270=Heals Your Air (surface still drops slowly)

Later past 0x80346900 address. LOL! 69

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Old 7th December 2015, 10:05 PM
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Use Powerups When Out
80346C25 00E4
Eggs don't spawn when at 0,making kazooie appear with nothing,but WonderWing and Flying works.

Out Of Item Sound Mod
81346C46 xxxx
004D=Mumbo's Raindance

Red Health Cap?
803478DF 00xx
Won't allow above default,only lower values work.
00=Challenge Mode
01=Hard Mode
02-0F=Less Than Default

Refill Health
803478E7 0050
Every entrance fully restores your health.

Colorful HUD Icons
8034814B 0004

Colorful Health Images
80348387 0004

Buffer Image Icons?
803488A7 00A1

Later past 0x8034B000 address.

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Old 8th December 2015, 11:32 PM
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Mind Freaking Polygons?
8034CF63 00xx
04=It Lives (normal looking,but moves around oddly)
09=Green Ow
0C=Lighting Changes
0D=Sorta Freaky
14=Breaking Fabric
EB=Weird Colors
Gruntilda's Lair mouth looks freaky and other spots are freaky as well.

Colorful Lair Mouth
8134CFB0 2400
8034CFBE 0042
Cool transitions of animated color changes.

Lost too much time.

Later past 0x8034E100 address.

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Old 9th December 2015, 09:20 PM
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More Broken Water Placement
8034E66B 00xx
Some places sadly unaffected.
03-FF=More Changes

Wild Rapids
8034E68B 0006

Groovy BlueGreen Water
8034E697 000E

Missing Water
8034E6EF 000A
Some places only,like TTC completely missing water.

Broken Waves
8034EC5F 00xx

Spazzy Waves
8034EC74 0066
Mumbo's Mountain water is a quick one to see.

Higher Waved Water
8034EC93 0040

Disable Waved Water?
8134ECB0 2400

Impossible Waves
8034ECC4 00E7

Freaky Waved Water
8034ED13 0010

Torn Fabric Waved Water
8034ED47 0010

Purple Waved Water
8034ED4B 0001

Broken Eggs
80352883 00C3
Shoot from behind after a short slide for egg shells and ammo gain.

Alt Broken Eggs
8035288F 0002

First Egg Small Endless
803528C7 00C5

Disable Egg Spawns
80352A6F 000A

Egg Kamikaze
80352A73 00xx
Many eggs spawn out of nowhere,but unfortunately don't hit enemies.
03=Kamikaze (you can use WonderWing for more fun)
07=Odd Eggs?

Endless Tiny Eggs
80352B43 0000

Carry Eggs
80352C29 0000
Turn and it follows in front of you,don't have it enabled when honey is in the area from it sadly causing crashes.

Endless Eggs Realtime
80352C2D 00C0
Finally! Use activators (D0281250 00xx 08,04,02,01=D-pad) to toggle on and off,forward shots oddly stay on you.
Honey does not cause crashing on this one.

Stuck Eggs?
80352C43 0060
Rear egg intensifies!

Warp Eggs
80352C81 00C0
They take you into the entrance you shot into,enemies are interesting,use an attack when the egg is on the enemy to defeat it.

Dust Fills Screen
80352CBC 0064

No Dust
80352CD4 0066
Useful for "Endless Eggs" to work better.

Alt No Dust
80352D0F 0000
A more simple value.

Later past 0x80352D00 address.

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Old 13th December 2015, 07:42 PM
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Sorry about the missing Thursday,I went through hell and back on that day and the entire weekend getting a stomach virus.

I got cleaned out as a usual result and I feel better now.

Glitched Dust
80352E63 00xx
10=No Alpha

Lowest Dust Count
80352EF3 0000
Tiny amounts appear.

Micro Dust
80352FAC 00E6

Powerful Egg Spits
80353756 003D
80353766 0045
Farther and faster.

Weird Tiny Egg Spit
813537D4 2400

Uncapped Egg Spit Distance (Lair Only)
8035381C 00E7
Bugs out in Mumbo's Mountain,maybe other places too.

Egg Spit Sparkle Color
803538E7 00xx
803538F7 00xx
01=Sky Blue (Default one)
06=Cyan (Default two)

Egg Spit Sparkle Size
81353902 xxxx
Inflects colors better.

Spit Giant Eggs
803539FE 0043
80353A06 0043

Uncapped Egg Spit
80353A2F 0002

Alt Uncapped Spit
80353A30 0066

Egg Spit Spawn Length
81353A46 xxxx
4400=Long Enough?

Disable Spit Despawn
81353A64 2400
Maybe it works better.

Reverse Fart Egg Direction
80353B54 00C7

Eggs Behind Gravity
81353C12 xxxx

Eggs Behind Bounce Velocity?
81353C16 xxxx

Uncapped Eggs Behind Timer
80353CFB 00xx
00=Useless Shells
02=Uncapped (until enemy hit or changed to 01 via activators)

Glamour Eggs Behind
80353D07 0003
Mostly only allows one egg,but massive sparkle count.

Napalm Egg Behind
80353DB0 00E7
Sparkles are on the ground.

Egg Fart Sparkle Color
80353DF3 00xx
80353E03 00xx
01=Sky Blue (Default one)
06=Cyan (Default two)

Egg Fart Sparkle Size
81353E0E xxxx
Inflects colors better.

Useless Behind Eggs
80353E87 0000

Behind Eggs Behaviour
80353EBB 00xx
20=Breaking Quick
24=Endless Re-collectable
26=Break On Bounce
33=Explosive (constant shells and re-collectable)
34=Alt Explosive

Fart Giant Eggs
80353EFE 0043

Wasted Behind Eggs
81353F18 2400
Instant shells.

Uncapped Behind Eggs Timer
80353F27 00xx
00=Uncapped Collectable Sparkles

Alt Uncapped Behind eggs
80353F38 00E7
Might be better.

Another Uncapped Behind
80353F44 0066

Undying Behind Eggs
81353F84 2400

Despawning Behind Eggs
81353F8C 2400
No shells.

Egglar Flare
8035421C 00C7

Lightning Eggs
80354240 0066
Massive white flashes.

Later past 0x8035C100 address.

Edit: Neat address... 0x80378F00

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Old 16th December 2015, 12:19 AM
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Since the latest buildbot of PJ64 as of today the 15th of December 2015 allows this code to work without freezing or crashing,I will now post this improved code for BT.

Banjo-Tooie (U)

Split-up Anywhere
8008D72B 0001
D2081084 0001
800F91CB 0000
D0081084 0001
800F91CB 0001
D0081084 0008
801354F8 0001
D0081084 0004
801354F8 0002
D0081084 0002
8012704C 0001
D0081084 0002
801354F8 0001
D1081084 0820
801354F8 0003
Edit: An issue with interaction was found and fixed,press D-pad right to immediately fix interaction with silos,warp pads and all other stuff for the current room.
Now fixes the out of bounds falling softlock after the first fall.
Use D-pad up and down to switch split modes for BK moves and creating Kazooie and hold D-pad left to force Banjo-Kazooie as the character when in the first Banjo fall.
Edit2: Added line for L+D-pad up to fix Torpedo Kazooie getting stuck out.

My settings since normally it froze before changing them to what I have them on now...

On Settings: Fixed audio timing,Sync using audio,Register caching,Fast SP,Cache,P1 DMA,Start changed
All other boxes are unchecked and it does not freeze with the code.

Edit: How did this escape me before? Go to the Dragon Kazooie Wumba tent and have the dragon form active,then split-up and switch to Dragon Kazooie,now when jumping in the pool,it transforms you!
I hope this works for others like it did for me.
What's more is if you plunge Banjo into it alone and then switch to the Dragon Kazooie,she does breegull moves!

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Old 16th December 2015, 03:56 PM
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Originally Posted by retroben View Post
420 post it!!!

Ignore the post number,read the topic "replies" count.
I don't understand.

When I read the "replies" count, it says 428. Wouldn't the post number of #421 be closer?
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