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Angry Lost 18 hours worth of time

I don't know where to put this so i'm just putting it here but I've been playing DK64 for the last three days and I had about 18 hours in it. While I was playing earlier, I had to restart the game due to another issue and after I loaded the game back up instead of hitting load save I hit save game in the project 64 menu while in the DK64 start menu, so it saved the game in the menu and overrode my previous save. as you can imagine i'm pretty furious at the moment so please someone give me some good news and tell me everything isn't gone.
If everything is gone then please for the love of god fix the system for saving and loading so no one else get screwed by this.
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You might be able to get it back by restoring the file to a previous date. Depends on if the OS made a backup or not.
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Its best to not rely on save-states because they (more often than not) cause native saves to become deleted,even on something basic like Zelda OOT.

Majora's Mask is by far the worst game to use save-states on because of the conflicts of owl statue saves and Song of Time saving.
Donkey Kong 64 likes to misplace its save file when using save-states.

These issues are more than likely unintentional side-effects of protection methods that game devs programmed into their games,especially when save file checking is involved so that if anything is too out of place or mismatched then it painfully wipes your save.

If you ever mess around with any cheats for extra fun (especially if they are ones I posted) make sure to make backups of your save files into another folder where you can copy them back over if something goes wrong.

You can also make extra backups for more recent save files if you want to review copies of them to make sure the progress is still intact instead of wiped so you can,for example,keep access to Creepy Casle (last main level only accessible by large cannon via a certain boss key turned in) for example.

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