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Old 24th March 2018, 08:44 AM
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Originally Posted by RPGMaster View Post
That is awesome man. How did you find this HD code?
I went through the RDRAM and found several data tables for various things,one of them being image value data loading and also found pointer stuff for AI players which had an easy layout of model image values for each LOD.
On top of forcing best LOD,I also brewed up custom ASM to force replace the highest AI Player LOD with the the best 1P mode LOD.

Just look at the codes directly before the HD mod stuff and it lists regular image modding via custom ASM.

A breakdown for it is that I have it check the value for known values then change it to specific ones (1P Mode best LOD's image) if correct via branching/not branching appropriately.

Also,some codes I forgot to list here maybe,don't remember...

Diddy Kong Racing (U) (v1.0)

Highest Poly And Shiny Players
80012251 0000
8101309C 240F
8101309E 0000
Human players in their own screens,shiny on both.
Combine with earlier car LOD codes for full model quality and shiny beauty.
Note: Has mild conflict with certain angles on at least one of the players.

Shiny AI Racers
8101224C 2409
8101224E 0001
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