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Default Question about input plugins


On my system i use the keyboard, so i have no problem with any plugin, either jabo , nrage works good for my emulation needs.

But recently with the coming football world cup , i showed the game World Cup 98 to a nephew to show him how it was at the n64 time in comparison to his FIFA17 on his xbox360

I was a bit surprised to see that he actually liked it a lot, and wanted me to help install it for him on his laptop as he never tried P64 or any other emulator.

As he owns a xbox360 i thought maybe he would like to use his controller instead of doing it with the keyboard.
So after searching a bit about how to do that on google as i'm unfamiliar with xbox controllers, i found that the nrage plugin that comes with P64 2.3 has xinput support and so will make use of the controller.

So i configured it and ingame it worked.
Excepted that the xbox360 design has buttons placed in other place in comparison to old n64 controller, making it so by default some of the World Cup 98 functions (a couple of the c-button) are awkward to use if left to the crosshair of the controllers.

As the nrage plugin was super configurable for my keyboard use, i thought it would be similar for the controller, and so placing 2 of the C-Buttons to the unused X and Y from the controller would solve completely the playability problem i was seeing.

But i was sadly wrong, while the interface make it looks like it's possible to bind the C-Buttons to any of the controller function, in reality it's actually not working, as if you bind a specific C-Button to X or Y , save and it will be reset to "None" , basically the plugin configuration possibility is just borked buggy.

Searching around, it looks like the nrage plugin developer has apparently abandonned it, so it looks like there's no hope for a fix.

I decided to search more and see if there was another plugin that allowed xbox360 support and found the Darkman 0.40b plugin
It worked extremely well with the xbox360 controller, and i could bind the 2 needed World Cup 98 C-Buttons to X and Y without a single problem and it worked absolutely well ingame.

But unfortunately another problem popped up, the Darkman 0.40b plugin does not support mempack or controller pack, so there's no way to save any progress.

Though it's not really a problem as i imagine my nephew will just make some matches here and there for a fun change from his beloved FIFA17 , it is still annoying if one day i manage to get him interested in some of the other n64 titles i liked for which the save function may then be much more needed.

Is there a solution to the problem, or is there a plugin i am not aware about that has none of nrage or darkman flaws ?
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