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Default Donkey Kong 64 "gun" issue.

I have been playing Donkey Kong 64.

Off topic to my point, I got over the timing issues with someone mentioned earlier by playing with the Vi refresh rate. I never got it to play at a "proper" speed but manipulated it enough to get though the timer. Diddy's kill all the enemies timer in Crystal Caves was more of a problem than Chunky's caged bananas in Jungle Japes.

The reason I'm posting is that in the final level there is a second where I have to shoot a target that is very far away. So far away that the bullet leaves some draw distance threshold before it hits the target, making the target impossible to hit. Normally I would get a sound when I hit the wall even if I miss but there is none here. Only if I shoot a closer wall does this happen.

Is there some way I can work my way around this or will I just have to give up on getting 101%? (The normal campaign could be completed without this, I'm just on a perfect run so far)

Oh and I'm on 2.1, I was going to post this in the issue section there but it seems I don't have the permissions for that.
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