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Default help me im nub!

i got a cheap ps2 usb controller by tomee, and im trying to play games on project64 with it, but its not working. On the configure input screen, the controller doesnt seem to be read by the program. Am i suppoesed to only use a usb n64 controller? Im having trouble. Thanks!
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Does it work in other things?
Originally Posted by dsx! View Post
are you american or something
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i believe so...idk its been a long time since i got into roms and emulaters. im getting back into it, and i dont recall it not working previously...

idk. im really bad at this
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Excuse me by taking this thread back to life, but, have you tried messing around with it on the control panel? (I assume you're running XP)

Try calibrating it, test both sticks and all buttons and test the feedback. If it works then it might be the plugin. Try using another one.

As connecting a foreign controller to a PC requires an adapter... you're sure you've got drivers installed?

Did you check it's not the sick windows default driver for that? (If there's a speciffic driver for it)

Try downloading and using JoyToKey 3.6, when it boots it'll crash if there's no controller plugged in or if the controller is... well causing trouble. This way you can see if the controller is recognized by the OS
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