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Old 11th January 2012, 07:27 PM
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Default [question] PJ64 with extended monitors

I'm trying to set up PJ64 in a way that will run on my extended display (1080p TV) full screen, so I'm able to still use my main display (LCD 1600x900) for web surfing, or other games.

Currently whenever I run PJ64 and use full screen, it will only initialize on my main display, even if I dragged the window to the TV. I noticed the only way to make 1080p full screen an option is if I switch the TV to my main display instead, but even if I do that I can't use my other monitor without the emulator minimizing or exiting full screen mode.

I read somewhere that a potential fix for this is to just use windowed mode and drag the window, but the preset options have no support for 1080p, just funky resolutions like 2048 x 2048. Is there a way to force a specific windowed resolution?

I'm most likely being dumb and missing something, but couldn't find it in the main FAQ. Worst case scenario I could always run Pj64 in a virtual machine to achieve an independent full screen that doesn't interfere with my main display.

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