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Old 16th December 2017, 12:13 PM
justin8571 justin8571 is offline
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Hello everyone,

Sorry itís taken me an eternity to reply!!!!!!!

Weíve had extensive building work at home that began in April. Before that started I had to empty the contents of our loft into our living room so Iíve not been able to carry on from where we left off... that is until now as Iíve finally finished clearing the living room now that the building workís complete.

So, Iíve tried the settings youíve suggested and itís running almost perfectly, only a fraction slower than the USA console Mario Kart 64 version on four player, but otherwise itís seamless.... Thank you all so much for your help! 👍🏻

However, got stopped in my tracks as I think the PCís memory is dead as I canít boot into Windows. Got a friend coming round in a bit who understands computers way more than me so hopefully we can fix it.

Also, received a message from theboy181 whoís mentioned a new MK64 60fps mod which sounds very interesting. Iíd be happy to do loads of testing for it once Iíve got the PC working again.

Thanks everyone and sorry again for not keeping in touch.

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