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Old 28th August 2017, 08:54 PM
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The save file wipe issue appears to be more related to Interpreter being very buggy in all 2.x versions of PJ64. The IRONY of that.

Sorry for many days of no codes,I have several ASM codes planned to eventually become stable releases.

Here is a Super Smash Bros. (U) as a taste of what's to come with more optimization for character specific fail-safes added to them.
This one currently has no fail-safe for different characters chosen,so it will cause issues if for P1 is ever something other than Mario.
Using 1P Mode is completely safe because of an activator that uses only the VS Mode match-has-started flag but you can change both the 4D19 and 4D80 to 4B29 and 4B90 to use this in 1P Mode,just select Mario though.

Status Enabler
8101905C 0802
8101905E 8000
810A0004 1000
810A0200 03E0
810A0202 0008

Big Head Mario (P1 in VS Mode Only)
D00A4D19 0001
810A0006 0000
D20A4D19 0001
810A0006 000A
810A000C 3C1C
810A000E 800A
810A0010 279C
810A0012 4D80
810A0014 8F9C
810A0016 0000
810A0018 3C1B
810A001A 4080
810A001C AF9B
810A001E 0968
810A0020 AF9B
810A0022 096C
810A0024 AF9B
810A0026 0970
810A0028 241B
810A002A 0AAA
Choosing other characters for P1 can cause issues including straight up crashing,it crashes if you select Samus as P1 while other characters vary in corrupted values.
Change the value in 810A001A to another float value for different head sizes.

This can be modded to use the other slots so you can change the stats of other players instead of P1's but you need to know the right address to set the appropriate line to in order for it to function correctly.
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