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Old 28th August 2017, 08:54 PM
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The save file wipe issue appears to be more related to Interpreter being very buggy in all 2.x versions of PJ64. The IRONY of that.

Sorry for many days of no codes,I have several ASM codes planned to eventually become stable releases.

Here is a Super Smash Bros. (U) as a taste of what's to come with more optimization for character specific fail-safes added to them.
This one currently has no fail-safe for different characters chosen,so it will cause issues if for P1 is ever something other than Mario.
Using 1P Mode is completely safe because of an activator that uses only the VS Mode match-has-started flag but you can change both the 4D19 and 4D80 to 4B29 and 4B90 to use this in 1P Mode,just select Mario though.

Status Enabler
8101905C 0802
8101905E 8000
810A0004 1000
810A0200 03E0
810A0202 0008

Big Head Mario (P1 in VS Mode Only)
D00A4D19 0001
810A0006 0000
D20A4D19 0001
810A0006 000A
810A000C 3C1C
810A000E 800A
810A0010 279C
810A0012 4D80
810A0014 8F9C
810A0016 0000
810A0018 3C1B
810A001A 4080
810A001C AF9B
810A001E 0968
810A0020 AF9B
810A0022 096C
810A0024 AF9B
810A0026 0970
810A0028 241B
810A002A 0AAA
Choosing other characters for P1 can cause issues including straight up crashing,it crashes if you select Samus as P1 while other characters vary in corrupted values.
Change the value in 810A001A to another float value for different head sizes.

This can be modded to use the other slots so you can change the stats of other players instead of P1's but you need to know the right address to set the appropriate line to in order for it to function correctly.
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Old 22nd September 2017, 06:02 AM
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Again,sorry for my terrible support lately,finding some ASM codes is extra difficult.

Donkey Kong 64 (U)

DK Arcade Sound Mods;

These require you to wait until the DK Arcade is already opened on its title screen before you enable them or there is a risk of corruption for some dumb reason when using a lot of them or all of them at once.
These may also fail to work on recompiler due to poor support for ASM changes on PJ64 which I really hope can be fixed soon to match Mupen Android's resilience for ASM related codes working in real-time.

Mario Jump Sound Mods (DK Arcade)
D102BA7C 2405
8102BA7E xxxx
D102C1B0 2405
8102C1B2 xxxx
0035=Sound In Video
0054=DK Arcade Death
0066=Diddy Jumping
00C0=Chunky Voice
00D0Lanky Jump

Stage 1 Music Mod
D102524C 240E
8102524E xxxx
Actually a sound mod.
0035=Subliminal Messages
004E=Stage 2
004F=Final Stage

Stage 2 Music Mod
D1025284 2418
81025286 xxxx
004D=Stage 1
004F=Final Stage

JumpMan Walking Sound Mod
D102C93C 2405
8102C93E xxxx

Final Stage Music Mod
D1025268 240F
8102526A xxxx
004D=Stage 1
004E=Stage 2
02D4=Evil Laugh
037F=Kutout Laugh

Hit By Hazard Sound Mod
D1027EAC 2405
81027EAE xxxx

Arcade DK Beating Chest Sound Mod
D102FE94 2405
8102FE96 xxxx
Needs a good sound swap for realism.
0233=DK Yeah
0234-023F=Other DK Sounds
0244=DK Screaming
0245=Another DK
0248=Better DK?

Arcade DK Stomping Sound Mod
D102ED80 2405
8102ED82 xxxx
008B=Extra Real
0096=Very Good
0097=Also Good

Blue Barrels Hit Oil Sound Mod
D102D5A4 2405
8102D5A6 xxxx

Destroying Barrels Sound Mod
D1030628 2405
8103062A xxxx
Fire sadly uses this one too.
0023=Realistic Barrels

JumpMan Death Sound Mod
D102C8C4 2405
8102C8C6 xxxx
0051=DK64 Death
0383=Super Funny
0385=Funniest Death

Arcade DK Voice Mod
D102ED0C 2405
8102ED0E xxxx
0035=Girlish Laugh
0233=DK Yeah!

Reaching Pauline Sound Mod
D102CA78 2405
8102CA7A xxxx
0035=Laughing Pauline

JumpMan Falling Sound Mod
D102C740 2405
8102C742 xxxx

Arcade DK Defeated Sound Mod
D102FDA0 2405
8102FDA2 xxxx

Arcade DK Falling Sound Mod
D102FDEC 2405
8102FDEE xxxx

Final DK Beating Chest Sound Mod
D102F970 2405
8102F972 xxxx
Needs a good sound swap for realism.
0233=DK Yeah
0234-023F=Other DK Sounds
0244=DK Screaming
0245=Another DK
0248=Better DK?

DK Hits Head Sound Mod
D102FBC0 2405
8102FBC2 xxxx
0051=DK64 Death
0224=DK Pain

Bonus Reward Sound Mod
D1030238 2405
8103023A xxxx

A custom one with my favorite values used.

Realistic Funny DK Arcade
D1027EAC 2405
81027EAE 0383
D102BA7C 2405
8102BA7E 0066
D102C1B0 2405
8102C1B2 0066
D102C740 2405
8102C742 00C5
D102C8C4 2405
8102C8C6 0385
D102C93C 2405
8102C93E 0008
D102CA78 2405
8102CA7A 0035
D102D5A4 2405
8102D5A6 0023
D102ED0C 2405
8102ED0E 0233
D102ED80 2405
8102ED82 003F
D102F970 2405
8102F972 0240
D102FBC0 2405
8102FBC2 0224
D102FDA0 2405
8102FDA2 036C
D102FDEC 2405
8102FDEE 0237
D102FE94 2405
8102FE96 0240
D1030238 2405
8103023A 01E8
D1030628 2405
8103062A 0023
Requires having DK Arcade already opened,then you enable the code.
Otherwise,oddly corrupts the game's engine.

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Old 23rd September 2017, 05:06 AM
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A very special ASM code I cobbled together to fix the DK Arcade corruption issue and it works splendidly! (on my end at least)

Donkey Kong 64 (U)

DK Arcade Sound Mod Enabler
8170B780 0C06
8170B782 0000
81180200 081C
81180202 DED6

DK Arcade Sound Mod Example
81180000 3C0E
81180002 8055
81180004 25CE
81180006 5080
81180008 146E
8118000A 007B
8118000C 0000
8118000E 0000
81180010 2419
81180012 0233
81180014 3C0E
81180016 8003
81180018 A5D9
8118001A ED0E
8118001C 081C
8118001E DED6


Replace 081C DED6 with G and continue addresses I-Q.
When done,add another two lines for the 081C DED6 to end the code by returning to normal procedure.

81180ttG 2419
81180ttI xxxx
81180ttK 3C0E
81180ttM z1z1
81180ttO A5D9
81180ttQ z2z2

z1z1 - z2z2=Sound Replaced (xxxx)

Stage Music:

8002 - 524E=Stage 1

8002 - 526A=Final Stage

8002 - 5286=Stage 2

Sounds {17}:

8002 - 7EAE=Hazards (0383)

8003 - BA7E=Normal Jump (0066)

8003 - C1B2=Ladder Jump (0066)

8003 - C742=Falling (00C5)

8003 - C8C6=Death (0385)

8003 - C93E=Walking (0008)

8003 - CA7A=Pauline Voice (0035)

8003 - D5A6=Blue Barrels Hit Oil (0023)

8003 - ED0E=DK's Voice (0233)

8003 - ED82=Stomping DK (003F)

8003 - F972=Final Beat Chest (0240)

8003 - FBC2=DK Hits Head (0224)

8003 - FDA2=DK Defeated (036C)

8003 - FDEE=DK Falling (0237)

8003 - FE96=Stage 2 Beat Chest (0240)

8003 - 023A=Bonus Reward (01E8)

8003 - 062A=Hazards Destroyed (0023)

Here is the realism code I spent the whole day on.

Realistic DK Arcade Enabler
8170B780 0C06
8170B782 0000
81180200 081C
81180202 DED6

Realistic DK Arcade Part 1
81180000 3C0E
81180002 8055
81180004 25CE
81180006 5080
81180008 146E
8118000A 007B
8118000C 0000
8118000E 0000
81180010 2419
81180012 0383
81180014 3C0E
81180016 8002
81180018 A5D9
8118001A 7EAE
8118001C 2419
8118001E 0066
81180020 3C0E
81180022 8003
81180024 A5D9
81180026 BA7E
81180028 2419
8118002A 0066
8118002C A5D9
8118002E C1B2
81180030 2419
81180032 00C5
81180034 A5D9
81180036 C742
81180038 2419
8118003A 0385
8118003C A5D9
8118003E C8C6
81180040 2419
81180042 0008
81180044 A5D9
81180046 C93E
81180048 2419
8118004A 0035
8118004C A5D9
8118004E CA7A
81180050 2419
81180052 0023
81180054 A5D9
81180056 D5A6
81180058 2419
8118005A 0233
8118005C A5D9
8118005E ED0E

Realistic DK Arcade Part 2
81180060 2419
81180062 003F
81180064 A5D9
81180066 ED82
81180068 2419
8118006A 0240
8118006C A5D9
8118006E F972
81180070 2419
81180072 0224
81180074 A5D9
81180076 FBC2
81180078 2419
8118007A 036C
8118007C A5D9
8118007E FDA2
81180080 2419
81180082 0237
81180084 A5D9
81180086 FDEE
81180088 2419
8118008A 0240
8118008C A5D9
8118008E FE96
81180090 2419
81180092 01E8
81180094 A5D9
81180096 023A
81180098 2419
8118009A 0023
8118009C A5D9
8118009E 062A
811800A0 081C
811800A2 DED6
When trying to start a save slot,it crashes with errors,or if using Interpreter it merely freezes.

Let me know if it doesn't work for you,its very likely to happen,but the same value that it reads in order to activate shows up on either method of playing DK Arcade.
Playing it via Banana Fairy is recommended for stability reasons,plus its more forgiving,also,loading a save makes it freeze anyway,which effing sucks.
So,only use the code if all you want to do in that session is play DK Arcade via Banana Fairy access.

Hope you can get to the end and beat DK,let JumpMan die at least once to hear the sounds replaced if it works.
The best sign of the code failing to work is when the stomps for slanting the floors of Stage 1 are still original and when DK still growls instead of speaking upon starting a game.

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Old 27th September 2017, 05:21 AM
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Banjo Tooie (U)

Clockwork Eggs Share Pain
8108E690 240A
8108E692 0000
If you explode via touching the enemy,it makes the player flinch.

Split Up Anywhere Activator
D0081084 0008
81117F76 3AE0
D0081084 0004
81117F76 3248
Press d-pad up then hit jump to use,press d-pad down to revert back to jump action.
Move Kazooie as soon as she appears so you can avoid rejoining,you can control both players with this or press jump after moving Kazooie to make Banjo stop for normal behavior.

Split Up Anywhere Hack
81092F44 0C04
81092F46 8000
81120200 0802
81120202 4FF5
81120000 3C17
81120002 8013
81120004 8EF7
81120006 5494
81120008 12E0
8112000A 0010
8112000C 0000
8112000E 0000
81120010 2416
81120012 061C
81120014 14B6
81120016 000B
81120018 0000
8112001A 0000
8112001C 2416
8112001E 00BA
81120020 8EF7
81120022 0120
81120024 86F7
81120026 0006
81120028 16D7
8112002A 0006
8112002C 0000
8112002E 0000
81120030 3C17
81120032 8013
81120034 8EF7
81120036 5494
81120038 8EF7
8112003A 0120
8112003C 2416
8112003E 008F
81120040 A6F6
81120042 0006
81120044 2416
81120046 0000
81120048 2417
8112004A 0000
8112004C 0802
8112004E 4FF5
Has many issues but works if you are careful.
Many scenarios can break it due to my limited work on it,the code would be HUGE if I made it work for all 8 player slots so it'll have to wait for at least slot 1 and maybe slot 3.

Changed Music Audio
810237FC 240F
810237FE 00xx
3F=Max (really cool)

No Sliding Redux
810A3704 2408
810A3706 0000
810A3720 2403
810A3722 0000
810A372C 2408
810A372E 0000
810A3734 2408
810A3736 0000
More accurate but may end up with issues on HailFire Peaks ice.

Edit: My bad,best no sliding code now here.

Never Sliding On Slopes
810A3754 4480
810A3756 9000
An improvement on the 3757 no sliding code with better accuracy.

Another Never Slide
810A3778 0000
810A377A 0000

All Sounds Unified
810E8FA4 2402
810E8FA6 xxxx
Music is missing.
0015=Ooh Me Knockah!
0016-02B6=More Sounds (sorry I am being lazy)
02B7-0???=Music Mods?

Swim Anywhere
810C5FD4 240E
810C5FD6 00xx
00=Not Swimming

Masterpiece Redux
810DE8DC 240A
810DE8DE xxxx
Try values 0000-FFFF for varied results.
0006=New Masterpiece

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Old 30th September 2017, 02:33 AM
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Got an awesome instant character mod code!

Banjo-Tooie (U)

Instant Character Mod
810F9890 0C04
810F9892 8000
81120200 0803
81120202 DF99
81120000 2405
D1120002 0000
81120002 000B
D1081084 0800
81120002 0001
D1081084 0400
81120002 0002
D1081084 0200
81120002 0006
D1081084 0100
81120002 0007
D1081084 0820
81120002 0008
D1081084 0420
81120002 000A
D1081084 0220
81120002 000B
D1081084 0120
81120002 000C
D1081084 0810
81120002 000D
D1081084 0410
81120002 000F
D1081084 0210
81120002 0010
D1081084 0110
81120002 0012
D1081084 2800
81120002 0013
81120004 0803
81120006 DF99
Requires the activator code below.

Character Mod Activators
800F6243 0001
D0079AFE 0008
80135520 000E
D0079AFE 0004
80135520 000E
D0079AFE 0002
80135520 000E
D0079AFE 0001
80135520 000E
D0079AFE 0028
80135520 000E
D01354E3 000A
801354F8 0002
D21354E3 000A
801354F8 0001
Use D-pad and then D-pad+L then D-pad+R and finally D-pad Up+Z for transformations once you are in-game.
Golden Goliath and Clockwork Kazooie Bomb are both left out due to issues.
Also avoid using Clockworks,don't use the split-up pads,don't use Talon Torpedo,Don't activate Golden Goliath,and don't get Mumbo manually or bad things happen due to how I jimmied the player spawn data into allowing this code to be otherwise stable.

Character order is as followed;

Banjo-Kazooie,Snowball,Bee,Washing Machine,Stony,Banjo Alone,Kazooie Alone,Submarine,Mumbo,Detonator,Bank Van,T-Rex Baby,T-Rex Daddy.

Edit: Sad news! recompiler is oddly not accepting this code after the first character change.
It runs into an error on the secondary attempt while Interpreter can have it spammed with no such issues.

Edit 2: It works fine on older versions of PJ64 like 1.6 in recompiler.

Edit 3: A future version of PJ64 will likely have this fixed.
People like the EmuCR may have a build of another recent PJ64 version anyway within the next few days,unless the ones on the main site are built from a special branch.
Anyone with Patreon can access the latest builds from there on the buildbot uploads.

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Old 4th October 2017, 08:17 AM
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Yoshi Story (U)

Music Type Mods;

Always Rock Music
8102B3C4 0000
8102B3C6 0000

Always Dreary Music
8102B3C8 0000
8102B3CA 0000
8002B3F9 0000

Full Dreary
8102B3C0 0000
8102B3C2 0000
Prevents the Super Happy rock from playing to sustain dreary effect,also acts as a no rock with Super Happy code.

Health Below Full Music Mod
8102B404 2404
8102B406 00xx
Also changes Yoshi's anims/sounds.

Full Health Music Mod
8002B3EF 00xx

Sad Health Music Mod
8002B417 00xx
01=Full Normal

Super Happy Music Mod
8002B3D3 00xx
01=Full Normal
02=Touched Fuzzy

Action Mods;

Fourth Wall Action Mod
80035B6B 00xx
2A=Annoyingly spoiled
2E=Random Disgust
4D=Suddenly Floats

Idle Full Dance Action Mod
80035BA7 00xx
00=Mario Kart Image Twitching?
0D=Stop Skid
0E=In Air Falling
12=Moronic Looking
15=Sniff Walk?
1A=Swinging On Hammer Swing
1B=Climbing Vines
1C=Vertical 3D Walking!
20=Angry Looking
22=Climbing Ball Stunt
24=Normal Dance
25=Looking Back Right
26=Looking Back Left
29=Fourth Wall Knowledge
2A=Found Something (annoying mode)
2C=Bobbing Head Dance
2D=Whee! Hah! Ho!
31=Overcome By Joy
32=More Exhausted
33=Exhaustion Ends
34-36=Getting Up Weak (35/36=Too Happy HP)
37=Looking Right Then Tired
38=Looking Left Then Tired
39=More Sniffing
3A=Fourth Wall Tired
3B=Another Found Thing
3C=Growling Then Tired
3D=Swim Sitting (can swim in air!)
3E=Swim Sniff? (BETA! use tongue to move)
3F=Swim Look Right
40=Swim Look Left
41=Swim Fourth Wall
42=Swim Found Something (BETA!)
43=Swim Whee! Hah! Ho!
44=Swim Disgust
45=Swim Growl
46=Swim Overjoyed
47=Another Swim Sniff
48=Swim Look Right Then Tired?
49=Swim Look Left Then Tired?
4A=Swim Fourth Wall Then Tired
4B=Another Swim Find
4C=Swim Growl Then Tired
4D=Swim Up (magical looking)
4E=Swim Sit Again
4F=Swim Turning

Idle Weary Action Mod
80035BB3 00xx

Jump Action Mod
8002DB3F 00xx
Aiming eggs while jumping may cause errors.
01=Walk In Air
1A=Hater's Gonna Hate Jump
1C=Funny Air Walk
24=Standing Jump
2D=Wow! Inf Jump
2E=Disgust Inf Jump
3D=Swim In Air!
4D=Realistic Swim Jump
4E=Auto Swim In Air

Flutter Jump Action Mod
8002DE9B 00xx
1B=Climb In Air!
4D=Swim In Air

Ground Pound Action Mod
8002E0CF 00xx
1B=Climb In Air
4E=Swim In Air

Helicopter Pad Action Mod
8002E15F 00xx
1A=Hammer Swinging
1C=Walk 3D Fun
24=Fun Standing

Vine Climb Action Mod
8002E1DB 00xx
0E=Can't Grab
13=Hover Flutter?
16=Tongue Locked

Pushing Walls and Objects Action Mod
8002ED4B 00xx
3C=Angry At Wall
4D=Swim Access

Liked Foods Action Mod
8002F32B 00xx
1C=Sideways Walk
22=Stunt Flower
27=crazed Sniffing
2A=Energy Flower
2E=Yohsi dislikes it?
2F=Anger Flower
30=Sleepy Flower
31=Very Delicious
3D=Fuzzy Flower
4D=Fizzy Lifting

Lucky Fruit Action Mod
8002F377 00xx
2D=Just Okay
2E=Picky Eater
3D=Got Dizzy
4D=Fizzy Lift

Footstep Sound Mod
80025547 00xx
76=Dum Dum sing
7F/80=Shy Guy Walk
81=Slow Walk Up
82=Slow Walk
8B=Laughing Fish
8C=Laughing Blue Fish
9F=Egg Block Shaking
A1=Death Sounds (breaks things)
A5=Full Health Sing

Normal Idle Animation Frame Mods
8109CD10 xxxx
8109CD12 xxxx
8109CD14 xxxx
8109CD16 xxxx
8109CD1A xxxx
8109CD1C xxxx
8109CD1E xxxx
8109CD20 xxxx
0000-04A2=Maximum Values
0041-0048=Push Dance
00B1-00B8=Goofy Looking Dance
00B9-00BC=Ducking Dance
00F1-00F8=Bizarre Dance
0151-0158=Eating Dance?
01D1-01D8=Touched Too Much Fuzzy
01E9-01F0=Wacky Dancing
01ED-01F0 and 01ED-01F0= Twirling Death
0215-0218 and 0215-0218=Disgusted
0233-023A=Sniff Dance
0243-024A=Adorable Tiptoe Dance
02D3-02DA=Wiggly Dance
0341-0348=Freaky Hand Visuals
0381-0388=Spooky Dance

Normal Idle Anim "Empty Frames" Mod
8109CD18 xxxx
8109CD22 xxxx

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Old 5th October 2017, 06:46 AM
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Three/four actions I missed.

Yoshi Story (U)

Umbrella Glide Action Mod
8002DF83 00xx
13=Infinite Flutter
1B=Climbing Air!
3D=Sometimes Indefinite Swim In Air
4E=Swim In Air

Leaf Surfing Action Mod
8002E15F 00xx
1A=Hammer Swing

Move Surprise Balloon or Hammer Action Mod
8002E17F 00xx
19=Leaf Surf Pose
1C=Sideways Walking

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Old 6th October 2017, 08:40 AM
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Yoshi Story (U)

Sniff Initial Action Mod
8009EA90 00xx

Yoshi Found Something Action Mod
8009EA98 00xx
22=Does A Flip
2E=Something Stinks

Growling Action Mod
8009EA9C 00xx
2A=Alerting You
31=Loves Company

Looking Back Action Mods
8109EAA0 xxxx
When enemies are closely behind you.
2E=Something Gross

Idle Eye Blink Action Mod
8009EAA8 00xx
1C=Goes Sideways

Idle Full Standing Action Mods
8009EAA9 00xx
8009EAAA 00xx
8009EAAB 00xx
8009EAAC 00xx
8009EAAD 00xx
8009EAAE 00xx
8009EAAF 00xx
Really customizable.
2D=Extra Happy
2E=Weak Stomach
2F=Ill Tempered
31=Extremely Happy

Initial Idle Action Mod
8009F034 00xx
08=Looking Up
0A=Slide Walk?
0D=Skid Stop Loop
16=Licking (last direction)
17=Air Lick

Skid Walk? Action Mod
8009F035 00xx
Can't figure out how to access this move.

Stop Walk Action Mod
8009F036 00xx
0D=Always Skid To A Stop
30=Tire Easily

Walk Action Mod
8009F037 00xx
8009F03B 00xx
8009F03F 00xx
Order is normal-to-walk,crouch-to-walk,and look up-to-walk.
03=Always Skid Walk
06=Crouch Skid Walk (useful as line 2)
08=Looking Up Skid Walk (useful as line 3)
0A=Another Skid Walk
0D=No Walking
10=Turn Walk

Crouch Action Mod
8009F038 00xx
02=Default (needed for pipes?)
0D=Skid Stop Loop
0F=Reveal Ground Secrets
22=High Jump (can't move until landing)
13=Fake Ground Pound
27=Start Sniffing
2A=Activate Alarm
2B=Pretend To Sleep
2D=Show Joy
2E=Show Disgust
2F=Growl At Will
30=Take A Breath
31=Show Great Joy
34=Show Pain?
35=Attempt To Sit

Look Up Action Mod
8009F03c 00xx
01=Default (needed for doors?)
0E=Pseudo In Air
1C=Start Sideways Walk
22=Auto High Jump (good for egg blocks and mystery coin blocks.
4D=Invoke Fuzzy

Stop Walking At Unpushed Object Action Mod
8009F041 00xx
0D=Skid Stop

Turn Skid Action Mod
8009F043 00xx
05=Walking Still

Turn Action Mods
8009F044 00xx
8009F045 00xx
8009F046 00xx
05=No Turning
0D=Skid Turn
11=Duck Turn
12=Look Up Turn

Tongue Beta Element?
8002EF00 0001
8002EF0B 0050
Holds stuff in mouth kinda like Yoshi's Island!
Sadly comes out invisible instead emerging in the way one wants.
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Old 7th October 2017, 03:06 AM
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More neat additions of codes,but not as many is I would've liked to have.

Yoshi Story (U)

81030108 2403
8103010A 003E
No damage and with no negative side-effects noticed.
Crushers and pits are still deadly,somehow even invinvible to lava if a floor is present.

Invincible Length
8102E746 xxxx
Add the Instant Damage code for no Castlevania knockback.
0000=No Mercy

Invincible After One Hit
8102E7B0 0000
8102E7B2 0000
8002F76F 0003
Effect lasts per area,a side effect makes object interactions weird.

Instant Damage
8002E573 0001
No Castlevania style knockback.

Fair Instant Damage
8002E573 0002
8002E747 007F
Doubles the invincibility length to compensate for the instant recovery from knockback.

Freaking Out Yoshi
8109DB96 D248
8109DBA6 D248
8109DBB2 D248

Run Animation Mod
8109DB1A xxxx
xxxx values:
C6C8=Sluggish Run
C6D8=Carry Run
C738=Another Carry Run
C7B8=Duck Run
C7E8=Always Sniff Walk Anim
C888=Silly Run
C898=Ridiculous Run
C940=Another Carry Run
C9A0=Carry Run
CC20=Cartoony Run
CCF0=Badass Run
CD00=Disturbing Run
CD38=Idle Run
CFE4=Magical Glide
D014=Pretend Vehicle
D044=Sideways Run
D074=Back Sideways Run
D0F4=Butt Slide
D2EC=Annoying Run
D490=Full Idle Run

Crouch Anim Mod
8109DB0E xxxx
D248=Freak Out
D304=Sadness Spin
D46C=Spinning Despair
D788=Very Sad

Nasty headache today slowed me down apart from also being tired,could have been several more animation mods.
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Old 9th October 2017, 10:20 AM
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Conker's Bad Fur Day (U)

Conker Spills Alien Guts
81086418 1507
8108641A 1998
An example of a cool discovery I found.

Conker Walking Etc. Effects Mod?
81086418 15yy
8108641A xxxx
06-E898=Play Speech/Nasty Wasps
06-F02C=Straw Sticks
06-F05C=Barfy Conker
06-F0F0=Fiery Steps
06-F14C=Cracked Earth
06-F17C=Honey Steps
06-FBE8=Dirt Filth
06-FC1C=Tracking Dirt
06-FECC=Wet Feet
06-FF50=Shaking Water Droplets
06-FFE0=Harmless Buga Shockwave
07-0014=Buga Shockwaves
07-003C=Dripping Blood
07-0084=Bleeding A Lot
07-00B4=More Bleeding!
07-00E4=Wealthy Conker
07-0114=Leaking Money
07-0144=Shoot Missiles
07-01F4=Fake Self Destruct
07-1998=Alien Guts
07-1A34=GM Poo Spit
07-1B18=Catfish Guts
07-342C=Littering Cans
07-3DA4=Knife Throwing
07-3E2C=Conker's Drug Needles
07-3EA4=Surgeon Tools

Conker Standing Effects Mod
810864C8 15yy
810864CA xxxx
06-DB5C=Skid Stop?
06-E898=Ow Leg Speech
07-0084=Perpetually Bleeding
07-00B4=Excessively Bleeding
07-00E4=Dropping Money
07-01F4=Angry Conker Explosions

Standing Jump/Etc. Effects Mod
8108642C 15yy
8108642E xxxx
06-E898=Varied Speech
06-EC50=Flapping Jump
07-1830=IMN1 Rocket Jump
07-1E58=Stride 'n Slide
07-2420=Random Spawns (attack freezes)
07-3DA4=Another Knife
07-3EA4=Surgeon Tool
07-3FA0=Loose Spawns

Accessory Effects Mod
810865A0 15yy
810865A2 xxxx
Weapon attacks and accessories.
06-B14C=Drink Soda
06-B1E8=Slam Into Ground
06-B520=Tripped Up
06-B91C=Gun Holding (levitate escapes)
06-B984=Conker Scared
06-B9C0=Attack Panic (double tap B to escape)
06-BCA0=Land Cancels
06-BF1C=Crow Voice?
06-CE6C=Bullet Toss!
06-D74C=Air Bounce?
06-E898=Jack Sent Me
06-EE60=After-image Attacks
06-F090=Immense Barfing
06-F1A8=Flames (careful)
07-00B4=Blood Slap
07-0144=Missile Shots
07-01F4=Fake Self Destruct
07-07C8=Bullet Shots
07-0CDC=Its Suicide
07-14AC=Another Gun
07-1B18=Catfish Guts
07-1ED4=Fakely Dead (needs levitate to escape)
07-1F14=Water Dead (levitate code)
07-2968=Grab Crotch
07-29D0=Become Drunk (hard mode)
07-3DA4=Knife Throw
07-4B7C=Harder Punches

Conker Animation Mod WIP
81019554 0C0F
81019556 FF00
813FFC00 3C0E
813FFC02 800D
813FFC04 8DCE
813FFC06 158C
813FFC08 15C0
813FFC0A 0003
813FFC0C 0000
813FFC0E 0000
813FFC10 0800
813FFC12 6659
813FFC14 0000
813FFC16 0000
813FFC18 240F
813FFC1A xxxx
813FFC1E yyyy
813FFC20 0800
813FFC22 6659
0032=Tiptoe (actually moves you if replacing the idle standing animation)
0034=Farting (lacks effects,improved code needed hopefully soon to make something like this be usable over other action's animation slots,like actually running could have constant gas)
0008=Slow Walk
0078=Idle Standing
Increment xxxx by 02 on the animation value until 05FA as the highest possible value you can use.
And increment yyyy by 08 for each next animation to mod,action values match each increment pan is 46 so multiply that by 8 in hex to get the attack animation mod.
Hex->46 multiplied by 8=230 so yyyy=0230
Using odd numbers for animation swaps WILL break it since it bugs out as soon as its used,only use even increments of 2.
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