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Old 3rd November 2017, 09:26 AM
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Majora's Mask (U)

Explosion Object Mod
810BACBE 0020
81300080 240E
81300082 00A2
81300084 10CE
81300086 0003
81300088 0000
8130008A 0000
8130008C 0802
8130008E EB85
81300090 0000
81300092 0000
81300094 240E
81300096 0000
81300098 2406
D130009A 0000
8130009A 00A2
D03E6B3A 0008
8130009A xxxx
D03E6B3A 0004
8130009A xxxx
D03E6B3A 0002
8130009A xxxx
D03E6B3A 0001
8130009A xxxx
8130009C AFA6
8130009E 0048
813000A0 0802
813000A2 EB85
Powder Kegs give different results,place object values you want and use d-pad ^/v/</> to change to your other choices then set off a bomb.
0009=Black Hole (can be changed around to end the black hole)
0010=Tatl Clones
0020=Zora Boomerang
0021=Drowning Ben's Wrath
00C4=Thundaga Bombs
00CE=Treasure Chests
00DA=Deku Nut Shrapnel
017B=Three Bugs
028C=Keaton (only in rooms where they actually appear)

Infinite Keaton Timer
810B9754 0C0C
810B9756 0030
813000C0 860E
813000C2 0000
813000C4 240F
813000C6 028C
813000C8 11CF
813000CA 0003
813000CC 0000
813000CE 0000
813000D0 0803
813000D2 1CD3
813000D4 0000
813000D6 0000
813000D8 2408
813000DA 0250
813000DC 1109
813000DE 0003
813000E0 0000
813000E2 0000
813000E4 0803
813000E6 1CD3
813000E8 0000
813000EA 0000
813000EC 2409
813000EE 7E7D
813000F0 A609
813000F2 02D6
813000F4 0803
813000F6 1CD3

Keatons No Longer Shy
81124040 2402
81124042 0005
Now you can visit them without needing the Keaton mask!
Just attack the magical grass or use the other code in a proper room to see the Keaton.
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Old 4th November 2017, 05:22 AM
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Majora's Mask (U)

Tatl Is Epona
810BACBE 0040
81300100 240E
81300102 0010
81300104 10CE
81300106 0003
81300108 0000
8130010A 0000
8130010C 0802
8130010E EB85
81300110 0000
81300112 0000
81300114 2406
81300116 000D
81300118 2419
8130011A 4001
8130011C AFB9
8130011E 0024
81300120 0802
81300122 EB85
Tatl is finally useful! Sadly errors out in some spots like the walkway in Great Bay to the other end of it and also errors out when doing the tree cutscene once its finished.
Works great in many areas you weren't meant to have Epona in though!
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Old 5th November 2017, 05:09 AM
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Majora's Mask (U)

Unarmed Link Throws Zora Boomerangs
D1779E82 5C10
81779E82 6754
Mash shield for rapid fire,appears to work as any form.

Sworded Link Actions Throw Zora Boomerangs
D1779E8E 5C48
81779E8E 6754
Even backing out of Ocarina use works,seems to mainly work only when sword is out.
Quick mash shield for rapid fire.

Fierce Deity Throws Zora Boomerangs
D1779E9A 5C48
81779E9A 6754
Too bad these are too complicated for object spawn modding due to the camera locking if a different object is used.

Exotic Dancing Link
D1779316 DF28
81779316 CF98
Only normal and Deku Link can do the dance.
Other forms are hardcoded!

Ocarina Animation Mod
D177A632 DDB8
8177A632 xxxx
E1F8=Link The Drumming Fool
E200=Drum Stanced
E2A8=Silly Looking Deku Horn Pose
E3E0=Air Zora Guitar

Epona of Healing
811D02E6 000D
811D0316 4001
Play the Song of Healing,get Epona.
Sadly causes errors within multi-door areas once exiting through one after Epona has been spawned,you can only avoid the error if the door used sends you to a different area.

Song of Healing Spawn Mod
811D02E6 xxxx
811D0316 zzzz
Don't use with the Epona code.
* xxxx=Object
Values; (ones without variables use zzzz=0000)
* 000E=Items
~ 0000=Rupee
~ 0001=Blue Rupee
~ 0002=Red Rupee
~ 0003=Recovery Heart
~ 0004=Bomb
~ 0005=Arrow
~ 0006=Piece of Heart (can spawn it multiple times)
~ 0007=Heart Container (multiple times)
~ 0008=Double Arrows
~ 0009=Triple Arrows
~ 000A=More Arrows?
~ 000B=Bombs Again
~ 000C=Deku Nuts
~ 000D=Deku Stick
~ 000E=Big Magic Jar
~ 000F=Small Magic Jar
~ 0011=Small Key (no telling what it does to keyless areas)
~ 0013=Giant Orange Rupee
~ 0014=Big Purple Rupee
* 0010=Fairies
~ 0000=Tatl
~ 0001=Healing Fairy (makes song OP)
~ 0002=Wandering Pink Fairy
* 0021=Elegy of Emptiness Statues
~ 0000=Link Statue
~ 0001=Goron Statue
~ 0002=Zora Statue
~ 0003=Deku Scrub Statue
* 00C4=Storming
* 00D3=Timer
~ 0000=Counts Up
~ 0001=One Second Respawn
~ 0002-01FE=More Seconds Before Respawn
(12:20:00 Max/disappears on area change)
* 00D7=Song of Storms Effect
* 00DA=Self-inflicted Deku Nut Pain
* 00FE=Postman's Letter (checkable)

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Old 10th November 2017, 08:25 AM
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Banjo-Tooie (U)

Normal Eggs Don't Appear
D1087248 0000
8108724A C7CC
D1087250 0000
81087252 C7CC
D1087258 0000
8108725A C7CC
First one to not freeze on any action,may actually do something crazy internally.
All shots can be done with nothing coming out.

Dust Farts
D1087248 0000
8108724A 8ECC
D1087250 0000
81087252 8ECC
D1087258 0000
8108725A 8ECC
That's just what it does...

Ember Farts
D1087248 0000
8108724A 934C
D1087250 0000
81087252 934C
D1087258 0000
8108725A 934C
Too much spicy food.

Watery Farts
D1087248 0000
8108724A B48C
D1087250 0000
81087252 B48C
D1087258 0000
8108725A B48C

Sad that replacing eggs with the flame thrower attack effect doesn't work,believe me I tried.
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Old 14th November 2017, 05:48 AM
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Banjo-Tooie (U)

Wall Baddies Swapped With Ssslumber
D1086F00 0000
81086F02 768C
D1086F18 0000
81086F1A 75CC

Wall Baddies Are Crates
D1086F00 0000
81086F02 798C
Also turns Ssslumber and another object into crates due to how these work.

Bees Attack From Transport Silo
D1086E60 0000
81086E62 728C
Unpractical but cool.

Plateau Jamjars Is Dead Bottles
D1086DA8 0000
81086DAA 7E8C

Wall Baddies Now Beta Torch!
D1086F00 0000
81086F02 6CCC

Green Ugs Swap With Cowboys
D1085C90 0000
81085C92 36CC
D1085C98 0000
81085C9A 368C
Double yay! Can break things in Spiral Mountain because of the training spawner.

Mine Cowboy Mod
D1085C90 0000
81085C92 xxxx

Green Ugs Mod
D1085C98 0000
81085C9A xxxx
Risk of crashing when in Spiral Mountain.
2B8C=Shockspring Jump Pads!
35CC=Rat Costume Baddie
380C=Tiger Baddie
41CC=See Anemone
420C=Jolly Roger
720C=Captain Blackeye the Pirate (retired enemy)
7E8C=Dead Bottles

Flying Dactyls Mod
D1085CA8 0000
81085CAA 438C
D1085CB0 0000
81085CB2 438C
Differs in effect depending on save data progress,best results are after the boss is defeated for no crashes.
438C=Terry Boss!
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Old 16th November 2017, 04:10 AM
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Some interesting codes today for size modding since collisions actually respond.

Banjo-Tooie (U)

Enemy Size Mod
811018F4 0C04
811018F6 8000
81120000 3C01
81120002 xxxx
81120004 AC81
81120006 0038
81120008 0804
8112000A 0646

Global Object and NPC Size Mod
81101854 0C04
81101856 8004
81120010 3C06
81120012 xxxx
81120014 AE06
81120016 0038
81120018 0803
8112001A 7912
Can be used for global changes on enemies too but breaks their physics.
Enemies get glitchy but I guess its a bonus.

Sizes can be changed in real-time using button activators.

Button activator;
D0081084 00xx
08,04,02,01=D-pad up/down/left/right


Global Object NPC Size Mod
81101854 0C04
81101856 8004
81120010 3C06
D1120012 0000
81120012 3F80
D0081084 0008
81120012 xxxx
D0081084 0004
81120012 xxxx
D0081084 0002
81120012 xxxx
D0081084 0001
81120012 xxxx
81120014 AE06
81120016 0038
81120018 0803
8112001A 7912

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Old 16th November 2017, 05:43 AM
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Please use that request thread to ask questions like these so you don't clutter my main posting thread,delaying anyone that wants to grab codes without having to scroll through other posts.


It could be done with ASM for checking when a specific item is in use and modify speed stats if known.
Too bad I don't know where the default top speed and acceleration values are at the moment.
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Old 17th November 2017, 06:24 AM
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Will look into finding something on Zelda Ocarina sometime soon,don't reply to this please.

Banjo-Tooie (U)

Improved Object Spawner
8109953C 0804
8109953E 8000
81120000 27BD
81120002 FFF0
81120004 AFA4
81120006 0000
81120008 AFA5
8112000A 0004
8112000C AFA6
8112000E 0008
81120010 AFBF
81120012 000C
81120014 3C04
81120016 8008
81120018 8484
8112001A 1084
8112001C 3084
8112001E 0020
81120020 3C05
81120022 8012
81120024 8CA6
81120026 FFFC
81120028 5004
8112002A 0016
8112002C ACA0
8112002E FFFC
81120030 1406
81120032 0014
81120034 3404
81120036 0001
81120038 ACA4
8112003A FFFC
8112003C 3404
D112003E 0000
8112003E 0229
81120040 3C05
81120042 8013
81120044 8CA5
81120046 5490
81120048 1405
8112004A 000B
8112004C 0000
8112004E 0000
81120050 3C05
81120052 8013
81120054 8CA5
81120056 5494
81120058 1405
8112005A 0007
8112005C 0000
8112005E 0000
81120060 3C05
81120062 8012
81120064 34A5
81120066 0200
81120068 0C04
8112006A 211D
8112006C 3406
8112006E 0000
81120070 1000
81120072 0004
81120074 0000
81120076 0000
81120078 8CA5
8112007A 00E4
8112007C 0C04
8112007E 211D
81120080 3406
81120082 0000
81120084 8FA4
81120086 0000
81120088 8FA5
8112008A 0004
8112008C 8FA6
8112008E 0008
81120090 8FBF
81120092 000C
81120094 03E0
81120096 0008
81120098 27BD
8112009A 0010
Main code but only configured to spawn health.
Named "improved" because it spawns them at Banjo instead of at the center of the map.

Custom Object Spawner
D0081084 0008
8112003E xxxx
D0081084 0004
8112003E xxxx
D0081084 0002
8112003E xxxx
D0081084 0001
8112003E xxxx
Use with above code for more objects,sadly many are prone to freezing.
Really wished I could figure out how to make objects spawn perfectly.
010C=Ssslumber The Snake
0133=Pterodactyl Baddie (Hags)
0150=GGM Cowboy (not working sadly)
036F=Terry Boss!
Use D-pad then Press L to spawn objects.

Page with values;


Egg Actor Mods;

Sticky Eggs
D0081084 0008
8008A397 0000
D0081084 0004
8008A397 000C
Press D-pad up to make them stick and down to end the effect,makes great floor traps when from behind.

Matrix Eggs
D0081084 0008
8008A3BF 0000
D0081084 0004
8008A3BF 0020
Press D-pad up and down to freeze and resume any active eggs.

Lingering Eggs
D0081084 0002
8008A3BF 0040
D0081084 0001
8008A3BF 0020
Press D-pad left then shoot eggs to see them never break until you press d-pad right.

Eggs Plow Through Baddies
8008A3CF 0000

Useless Recollected Eggs
8008A3DF 00xx
Every shot from behind collects them instantly.
0C=Cracking and Useless

Instantly Broken Eggs
D0081084 0002
8008A3E7 0000
D0081084 0001
8008A3E7 0034
Press D-pad left and right to toggle the effect.
Grenade eggs respond exactly how you think they would.

Eggs Only Break On Collect
8008A3E7 0030
Bounces endlessly until collected or hitting an enemy/object,don't use with above code.

Forward Eggs Instantly Broken
8008A3EF 0000

Normal Eggs Don't Spawn
80087257 0000
8008725F 0000


Instant Return From Clockwork Egg
80085337 0000

Slopes Hurt Banjo's Feet
800848B7 0044

Banjo Jumps Up Slopes
800848B7 0024

Infinite Clockwork Egg Timer
800844CF 0000

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Banjo-Kazooie (U) (V1.0)

Every Instrument Music Mod
8125E354 240E
8125E356 xxxx
0000=No Music?
0008=String Symphony
000C=Big Drums
0010=Bass (bad limits)
0014=Messed Up Drums?
001C=Flute? (loud)
0024=Intense Drums
0028=Christmas Chime
002C=Strange (Tambourine?)
0038=Tuba (pitch limit)
003C=Singing Animals
0040=More Animals
0050=Drum Rolls (limited)
0054=French Horn
005C=Wood Block?
0060=Foot Pedal Drum
0064=Cymbal Hat
0068=Birds Chirping
006C=Mountain Voices
0070=Ambient Noises?!?
0078=Ice Cream Trucks
007C=Jungle Animals
0080=Machine Ambience (RBB)
0084=Blowing Wind
0088=Table Tapping Noises?
008C=Exotic Birds
0098=Engnie Noise?
009C=Loud Sand
00AC=LOUD Bees
00B4=Mouth Harp
00B8=Metal Clanking
00C8=Valley Ambience Animals
00CC=Wood Block
00E4=Spooky Ambience (Gruntilda laughs)
00E8=Plucky String (dunno)
00EC=Troll Laugh (THE BEST!)
00F0=Banjo-Tooie Impact Drum???
00F8=Hut Two Three Four
00FC=Valley Instrument (dunno)
0100=Different Drum (dunno/not steel drum)
0104=Water Droplets
0108=Actual Water Instrument
0110=Water Clacking?
0114=Burps n' Farts!!! (finally ported!)
011C=Bay Ambience
0120=Rain Dance
0128=Distorter (Mario Kart Lightning?)
012C=Electrical Circuits
0130=Xylophone (skele-bones)
0134=Christmas Bells
0138=Flute (jigsaw entrance/exit sound)
013C=Low Drums
0140=Steel Drum!
0148=Synlead! (another Gameboy)
014C=Low Gameboy
0154=Bats and Beasts (last instrument)

Burps n Farts Music
8125E354 240E
8125E356 0114
Just like the one for the sequel!

All Instruments Sound Mod
8125E354 240E
8125E356 0004
81079E38 80yy
81079E3A xxxx
Values will take ages to type and may take multiple posts due to text limits.
Template; yy_xxxx
06_7B88=Ooh Me Knockah! (Grant Kirkhope sings about his knockah)
06_8148=Doll Squeak
06_8200=Squishy Ground/Lava Sploosh
06_8428=Breaking Egg
06_8598=Water Sploosh
06_8708=Snapping Wooden Plank
06_8878=Beak Buster Slam
06_8930=Cartoonish Bonk
06_89E8=Cartoonish Clang
06_8AA0=Cartoonish Thud
06_8B58=Jinjo Whistling
06_8F20=Time's Up
06_9008=Heavy Hits
06_9230=Hopping Cauldron
06_92E8=Egg Bouncing/Kazooie Pecking Banjo
06_9458=Conga Oohoah
06_9510=Conga Screeching
06_9680=Wood Floor
06_9738=Jinjo Help!
06_98A8=Grublin Eh-hah-ah!
06_9A18=Big Butt Mooing
06_9AD0=Bottles Squeezing Out Of Dirt
06_9B88=Pressured Boing
06_9CF8=Slimy Splat
06_9DB0=Magic Poof!
06_9E68=Banjo Whoa!
06_9F20=Banjo Roll/Damage
06_9FD8=Banjo Dahoo!
06_A090=Banjo Ahii!
06_A148=Banjo Huaugh!
06_A200=Banjo Duww!
06_A2B8=Banjo Ohh!
06_A370=Banjo Ow!
06_A428=Banjo Yow!
06_A4E0=Banjo Hoh!
06_A598=Banjo Gah!
06_A7C0=Only Farts
06_A878=N64 Logo Walk
06_A930=N64 Logo Walk 2
06_A9E8=Mumbo Waking Up
06_AAA0=Ratta-tat "Rap"
06_AB58=Beak Barge
06_AC10=Kazooie Starting
06_ACC8=Kazooie Buster
06_AD80=Kazooie Retching Egg
06_AE38=Kazooie Tired Flaps
06_AEF0=Talon Jump (Kazooie-Kazooie hack,make it happen please!)
06_AFA8=Talan Trot
06_B060=Green Bird Squawk
06_B1D0=Oyster Slurping
06_B288=Gnawty Nibbling Air
06_B340=Feathery Flap
06_B3F8=First Start Dahoo!
06_B4B0=Beak Bomb
06_B900=Jump Whee!
06_B9B8=Egg Spit
06_BB28=Chimpy 2
06_BBE0=Chimpy 3
06_BD70=Sleep Whistle
06_BE28=Mumbo Chanting
06_BF10=Cartoon Foot Screech
06_BFC8=Slide Whistle
06_C080=Angry Banjo
06_C138=Banjo Falling
06_C390=Dragonfly Death/Evil Ship Pipe
06_C448=Clunking Wood
06_C500=Dying Bird Baddie
06_C5B8=Creaking Wood
06_C670=Wobble Sound
06_C728=Treasure Chest Opening
06_C7E0=Treasure Chest Closing
06_C950=Mr. Vile
06_CA08=Scratching Itch
06_CB40=Nipper Defeated
06_CBF8=Nipper Damage
06_CCC0=Breaking Glass
06_CD78=Cauldron Transportation
06_D088=Bear Snare
06_D140=Squirrel Toot
06_D1F8=Machine Clank
06_D2B0=Blubber Crying
06_D368=Gobi Screaming
06_D420=Tanktup Coughing
06_D4D8=Tip-Tup Choir (perfect replacement)
06_D590=Tanktup Pained Scream
06_D648=Wozza (really good)
06_D700=Unused Kazooie
06_D7B8=Unused Kazooie 2
06_D870=Strangled/Crash Landing Kazooie
06_D928=Boggy Whahay!
06_D9E0=Boggy Uhaaw!
06_DB50=Snowball Thrown
06_DD78=Toilet Flush
06_DE30=Humming Noise?
06_E000=Banjo Talking Huuh!
06_E228=Metal Floor Clunks
06_E2E0=Metal Floor
06_E398=Screeching Metal
06_E5A8=Kazooie Strangled Cough
06_E660=Banjo Laughing
06_E718=Histerical Banjo Laugh
06_E7F0=Eyrie The Eagle
06_E8A8=Cauldron Warp
06_EA48=Breaking Ice?
06_EB00=Talking Feather (very pleasant)
06_EBB8=Caterpillar Moving
06_ED28=Banjo Catching His Breath
06_EEC8=Boggy's Kids Crying
06_EF80=Happy Kid
06_F038=Orange Collected
06_F1A8=Thunder Bolt
06_F2C0=Bottles 2
06_F378=Bottles 3
06_F518=Hilarious Baby Voice
06_F5D0=Funnier Baby Voice
06_F688=Gruntilda Swoop/Jinjonator Plane
06_F740=Gruntling Death
06_F8B0=Twinkly Muncher/Various
06_F968=Popping Out
06_FA20=Bottles Shaking Off
06_FAD8=Jinjo Flying
06_FB90=Big Butt Chewing Grass
06_FC48=Pause Magic
06_FD00=Banjo Drowning
06_FDB8=Banjo Drowning 2
06_FE70=/Zoom In
06_FF28=Zoom Out
06_FFE0=Menu Options Leave
07_0098=Menu Options Appear
07_0150=Metal Creaking
07_0208=Snorkel The Dolphin
More values exist...

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Old 22nd November 2017, 01:26 AM
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Banjo-Kazooie (U) (V1.0)

All Instruments Sound Mod (Continued)
8125E354 240E
8125E356 0004
81079E38 80yy
81079E3A xxxx
07_02C0=Climbing Metal Pole
07_0378=Climbing Tree
07_0430=More Climbing?
07_04E8=Jinxy Hyahhh! (sneeze imminent)
07_05A0=Jinxy Sneeze
07_0658=Piranha Death/Mummy Obliterated
07_08E0=Jinjo Talking
07_0998=Treasure Chest Opening?
07_0A50=Kazooie Talking
07_0B08=Kazooie Talking 2
07_0BC0=Kazooie Talking 3
07_0C78=Kazooie Talking 4
07_0D30=Conga Talking
07_0DE8=Conga Talking 2
07_0EA0=Conga Talking 3
07_0F58=Extra Life Talking/Jiggy Talking
07_1010=Talking Jiggy 2
07_10C8=Tooty Talking
07_1180=Tooty Talking 2
07_1238=Grunty Laughing (too good)
07_12F0=Grunty Laughing 2
07_13A8=Grunty Talking
07_1460=Grunty Talking 2
07_1518=Grunty Talking 3
07_15D0=Tiptup Talking
07_1688=Cheato Turning Pages
07_1740=Cheato Closing
07_17F8=Cuckoo Clock
07_18B0=Trunker/Bark Breath
07_1978=Capn Blubber Talking
07_1A30=Capn Blubber Talking 2
07_1AE8=Capn Blubber Talking 3 (big burp)
07_1BA0=Capn Blubber Talking 4
07_1C58=Klungo/Nipper Talking
07_1D10=Klungo/Nipper Talking 2
07_1DC8=Klungo/Nipper Talking 3 and Gruntling Rawr
07_1E80=Rubee Talking
07_1F38=Rubee Talking 2
07_1FF0=Tanktup Talking
07_20A8=Tanktup Talking 2 "lul"
07_2160=Tanktup Talking 3
07_2218=Loggo Talking
07_22D0=Zubba Talking
07_2388=Life Ring Defeated
07_2440=Life Ring Leaking Air
07_2528=Banjo/Eyrie Yawning
07_25E0=Baby Eyrie Waking Up
07_2698=Magic Sound?
07_2760=Leaky (bucket)
07_2818=Tumblar (MMM Ouji Board)
07_28D0=Gnawty Talking
07_2988=Phantom/Skeleton Baddie
07_2A40=Jinxy Talking
07_2AF8=Magical Chiming
07_2BB0=Boggy Talking
07_2C68=Munching Twinklies
07_2D20=Slime Impact?
07_2DD8=Ice Cube Appearing
07_2E90=Mumbo's Magic
07_2F48=Breaking Sand Bricks
07_3020=Skeleton Crackling
07_30D8=Skeleton Crackling 2
07_31A0=Sailor Grublin Ahoy!
07_32B8=Phantom Defeated
07_3370=Tooty Talking 3
07_3428=Shingle Floor
07_35A8=Crowd Booing
07_3660=Crowd Jeering?
07_3718=Fire Burning
07_3800=Ripping Noise
07_38B8=Grunty Pain Scream
07_3A58=Furnace Fun Sound?
07_3B10=Zoom In/First Person
07_3BC8=Zoom Out
07_3C80=Thunk You!
07_3D38=Grunty Falling
07_3DF0=Grunty Intense Pain Scream
07_3EA8=Grunty Yow!
07_3F60=Grunty Uhh!
07_4018=Shivering In Fear (Tooty/Grunty)
07_4100=Grunty Swooping (bullet ricochet)
07_41B8=LOUD Gameboy Startup
07_4270=Gameboy Bloop
07_4328=Gameboy Wobble (amazing retro aesthetic)
07_43E0=Gameboy Plink
07_4498=Breaking Glass
07_45B0=Moving Mechanism
07_4698=Short Grunty Laugh
07_4750=Big Butt Stunned?
07_4808=Taking Photos
07_48D0=Thrown Spell
07_4988=Big Spell Strike
07_4A40=Normal Spell Strike
07_4AF8=Cheato Talking
07_4BB0=Cheato Talking 2
07_4C68=Short Gruntilda Laugh 2
07_4D20=Brentilda Talking
07_4DD8=Banjo Brrr!
07_4E90=Furnace Fireball
07_4F48=Spell Thrown (firework whistle)
07_5000=File Select Hazard
07_50B8=File Select Cat (annoy your friends)
07_5170=Broomstick Sputter 1?
07_5228=Broomstick Sputter 2
07_52E0=Broomstick Sputter 3
07_5398=Broomstick Cough
07_5450=Broomstick Sputter 4
07_55C8=Grunty Shriek
07_5680=Grunty Eh?
07_5920=Grunty Weakened Pain
07_5A90=Zooming Plane Sound
07_5B58=Grunty Terrified Shriek
07_5DA8=Sexy Grunty Talking
07_5E60=Sexy Grunty "Talking" O //// O
07_5F18=Record Scratch Stop
07_6088=A Machine?

Instrument Sound Fix Or Mix
81079E48 80yy
81079E4A xxxx
Use the same value combo to fix the random notes or different values to mix sounds slightly.
Use both this and the above code with the matching values,the rest of the values are on the previous post.

Edit: Surprise preview code!

Donkey Kong 64 (U)

Expand Dong
81735448 240C
8173544A 0028
Listen to the music! Especially the DK Rap.

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