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Default Beast Wars 64 Hack

For those of you who have played this game. you will probably remember the bad gameplay (particularly the useless vehicle modes who can never land a hit).

However, in the Japanese version you're less limited in how far you can move away from each other and the gameplay mechanics work a lot better, and I would even go as far to say the gameplay in the Japanese version is (dare I say it) great.

Unfortunately when playing the Japanese version you miss out on the great quotes from the English version, along with the unlockable characters.

So I propose a hack of the English game to have the distance players can move away from each other altered to recreate the gameplay of the Japanese version and maybe even make it so Megatron X can be used as a skin for Megatron the same way Ravage, Tigatron etc can be used (Megatron X is unlockable in the Japanese version however he retains his extra bar of health which heavily unbalances gameplay).
Perhaps another hack could be done to make it so all characters can have 2 bars of health to make battles last longer.

I imagine it wouldn't be a difficult hack to do and could probably even be done as a Gameshark code. However, I have no knowledge of hacking N64 roms so if someone could point me in the right direction, or even offer to do it for me it would be appreciated.
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