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Default OmigaPlus toolbar spam in installer?

So I downloaded PJ64 2.1 directly from http://www.pj64-emu.com/downloads/project64/binaries/ and in the installer it asked to install this toolbar. I declined and such but it went and did it anyway and messed my browsers up pretty badly by changing my search pages and home page. Is there a way to install 2.1 without getting this crappy spam toolbar?
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If declining doesn't work, just use an extractor. If that fails, I suggest you install it in sandboxie. You may think that's too much work, but I bet you will find other uses for sandboxie if you think about it.
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I posted how to get around this a long time ago...instructing where to click and where not to click.

Basically click on "Skip" in stead of "Next"...and also uncheck all the boxes you can see:

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