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Default Xbox 360 issues

I seem to have a problem with first person shooters. (Doom 64 and Duke Nukem 64) I fiddled around with the mapping and finally found out that the "Z" button handled the gun! Putting the "Z" button in the LT and RT means I can shoot. I did have a problem with him running backwards on his own, but changing the mapping seems to have addressed that. The last problem I have is that he's pointing his gun at the sky! If I hold the "C-down" key manually, he'll level the gun, but that's not practical for playing. Any help?

I'm using Project 64
My input plugin is NRage for PJ64

My mapping is;

Plugged - checked
xinput - checked
A = A
B = B
X = None
Y = None
Back = None
Start = Start
LB = L
RB = R
LthSB = None
RThSB = None
LT = Z
RT = Z
Left Thumbstick = Analog Stick
Right Thumbstick = Analog Stick
D-Pad = C Buttons

The whole thing works really well, if I could just get the control issues resolved!
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Default Me again

Enough, I give up. This was the only emulator I even got close to making work for the Nintendo 64. The others either didn't run, or couldn't map a Xbox/PC controller. I've removed all the 64 emulators from my hard drive.
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