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Old 16th April 2015, 01:40 PM
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Default Controller Hotplugging/Afterplugging and Special Screens

I would like to ask for this feature to be an option to tick on or off. Similarly to the off focus option of pj64, I would like it so that if a controller is disconnected, a black transparent overlay will appear over a paused pj64 stating that the controller needs to be plugged back in. Afterwards, the controller will work again. Currently the controller does not work when it has been disconnected and reconnected afterwards.

With this option off, I would like the game to go into its special screen (most games have it) that tell you to restart the n64 because the real n64 didn't support hotplugging or afterplugging (probably the only console that doesnt). This option here is for preservation purposes only for currently, there is no other way to ever reach these screens on the games. I talked with KrossX along time ago (years) about this and he said that it's just a simple flag that needed to be toggled on his controller plugin but I guess he forgot. He also said that hotplugging or afterplugging wasn't coded in by the emu and that is why his plugin lacked it for this emu.

Currently, when the controller is disconnected, it won't ever work again. So I figure why not add either of these features to at least be able to get the controller to work again or to have it work like the real n64 and give you notification. What say ye devs? Can you add this in a future release?
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