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Default Mouse Performance

I decided to try Project 64 because someone told me it's possible to play console games on a computer using the mouse and keyboard. I always wanted to try some of these games, but I don't like using a console controller, so this emulator seemed like an interesting idea. When I tried it, the games worked okay, except for one problem... targeting with the mouse is way too difficult. Using the slingshot in Zelda, for example, the mouse performs very poorly, stalling, skipping, the opposite of smooth precision. So I was wondering if there's any way to fix this.
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Not really, the game was never made to use a mouse.
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are you american or something
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You might can change your DPI settings.. it could help. Ttry using a wireless vr a corded or vice versa>> If all else fails, break the whole machine, tell mom your brother did it, and buy a ticket to China
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