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Default SoftGraphic graphic plugin v1.5

SoftGraphic HLE plugin v1.5
SoftGraphic is a software rendering HLE graphics plugin that uses MESS rdp core
written originally by MooglyGuy of MESS as rendering engine. No special RSP is
needed. It is slow and you need a fast CPU to get a decent frame rate.

This plugin uses uses MESS rdp core written originally by MooglyGuy of MESS and bug fixed by angrylion
to render graphics, the credit of graphics rendering should goto MooglyGuy and thanks for angrylion for his
bug fixes.

source of rdp_interface here

* rewrite D3D9 driver with shaders
* support PJ64 save to bitmap
* add 2xSai, Super2xSaI, SuperEagle and TV mode filter

* add D3D9 driver support
* add UI to enable/disable D3D9 bilinear filter.

* rewrite DirectDraw code to improve frame rate
* add full screen support
* add resolution 1024 x 768

* use multi-thread rendering to improve frame rate

* add UI to enable/disable filter to improve frame rate

* first implementation



my other plugins:
ShunyuanDI: Shunyuan's DirectInput8 plugin
HleAudio: Auido plugin with XAudio2 + DirectSound driver support
GfxWrapper: to use Jabo's Direct3D8 v1.7.0.57-ver5 with Project64 1.6
Attached Files
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File Type: zip (179.9 KB, 2431 views)
CPU: Intel U7300 1.3 GHz
GPU: Mobile Intel 4 Series (on board)
AUDIO: Realtek HD Audio (on board)
OS: Windows 7 - 32 bit

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