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Originally Posted by dsx_ View Post
blue screens dont make you lose anything
After I got the BSoD and tried to restart my laptop it kept saying something somewhere got corrupted, nothing worked so I had to use recovery disks, which in turn, gave a Factory Reset.

Originally Posted by dsx_ View Post
"I'd wreck the devs"

this is the kind of guy who deserves help after all :P
Can you blame me for being angry that things I have stored on my computer were all lost? I didn't expect it, there was no warning so there was no backup, not that it mattered since system restore didn't work and I didn't have it stored online anywhere. I practice a lot of things from 3D modeling, 3D animation, 3D texturing, 2D art, 2D animation, programming, etc. You wouldn't be a little ticked off if you lost all of those project files which were unrecoverable? If you don't make projects that you care for then don't act like other peoples projects are meaningless to them.

Originally Posted by NUK3 TH3 WHAL35 View Post
Getting a BSOD seems like it'd me more hardware related than software.
Happened twice, only while using P64. Thank you for your other advice though. After that happened I remember coming here and checking the forum, other people complained about it, where even are the devs? Have they put a warning up yet?

"WARNING: Before you download, Project 64 is kill W7! Use at your own risk." Not that hard is it?
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