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Default Two Players PS4 Controllers

(Okay, correct location now. ><)
Hello there,

So my husband and I are trying to play Mario Party 3 using 2.3. I'm able to get one controller working, but even though I have a second one connected, it will not register in game. My computer recognizes the controllers as two separate ones but I'm guessing that PJ64 is not.
I've tried using N-Rage after doing a google search, but as of yet have not found anything that has helped me.
I'm not the most tech-savvy person out there, at least with this, so any help would be much appreciated. We just want to play some games from our childhood together. xD
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Default Multiplayer Functionality

Double check that the controller is "checked" as plugged in under the player 2 tab.

I'd recommend to anyone new to the emulator to use Jabo's input plugin until they can later figure out a plugin like N-Rage. N-Rage isn't all that complicated, but Jabo's is far more direct, IMO. Controller plugins are placed in the Input folder within the Plugin folder in the emulator's directory. If you don't know where the directory is then right click the Project 64 icon on the desktop and choose "Open file location" or right click, choose properties, THEN choose Open file location. The Plugin folder will be there.

Anyhoo, Jabo's interface has a nice image of the N64 controller to help easily assign buttons and a drop down box at the top for you to choose the controller for each respective player. There is also a drop down box indicating whether a Control PAK or RUMBLE PAK is to be emulated. Each player (1-4) has it's own dedicated tab for each proceeding PS4/Xbox/other gamepad to be assigned to. Jabo's ALSO has a box to check that the controller is "plugged in".

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Default Multiplayer Functionality

Hey, so I'm actually using Project64 v2.3 as well and there is no Jabo controller configuration, only N-Rage. Any suggestions?
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Default Jabo's Input Plugin

Click HERE. You'll be redirected to my OneDrive where the plugin can be downloaded. Place it in the Input folder found in the Plugin folder of Project 64's main directory.
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