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Default PJ64 version of N-rage vs N-rage 2.3

Hey there,

When I use PJ64 to play Goldeneye, I map the c-buttons to the Left Analog stick of a PS4 controller. In PJ64, using N-rage, this works fine, but in other versions of N-rage, I cannot move diagonally using an analog stick when mapped to the c-buttons.

The problem is, I can't use the PJ64 version of N-rage in other emulators.
While PJ64 is a great emulator, there's an overclocked version of 1964 which is superior specially for playing Goldeneye and it's mods.

My question is, Does the PJ64 version of N-rage have a lot of different code in it? Is there a way to use this plugin in another emulator? OR is there a way to apply the modifications of the PJ64 version of N-rage to the original N-rage (currently version 2.3)?

Any help would be appreciated.
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I just setup NRage 2.3b. Mapped the C-buttons to left stick. Selected 1.2 Solitaire control in Goldeneye. I can move diagonally. Using a USB PC PS2 controller clone.

I've put 1.83 and 2.3b in this zip here:
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