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Default Unable to change plugins in Settings.

I've been trying to set different plugins in the settings menu for Project64.

On the settings/plugins section, when I try to change for instance the Video(graphics) Plugin from Jabo's Direct3D8 to something like Glide64, it will select Glide64, but as soon as I hit Apply or Ok, it reverts back to Jabo.

All other plugin settings seem to have that problem. Switch from Jabo's DirectSound to No Sound, and when I hit apply, it goes right back to Jabo. Same with Input Plugin and Reality Signal Processor. There is no way for me to change any of these plugins, it just seems stuck.

Any ideas of what I can do?
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Make sure you have write access to the directory (your user directory for example instead of C:\Program Files or whatever), and you are not executing it from a zip file, extract it first.
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1. Close Project64 and go to task manager by right clicking the clock on the bottom right.

2. Click the processes tab and look for Project64.exe to make sure there is not a ghosting copy running in the background since that would make changes not work.

3a. If there is one,right click it and click "end process" to make the problem go away.

3b. If no ghosting process is found,then I don't know what to do besides restarting your computer.

4. You should now hopefully be able to change PJ64's settings again.
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