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Red face Joystick

Hi. I've been having issues with my joystick for project64. The emulator isn't registering any input from my controller, although if I map the buttons to keys on the keyboard, and configure the controls on PJ64 to the same keys, it works. But I don't ever want to do that, because then the analog stick doesn't register sensitivity and I'm always moving at a gosh darned sprint.

This problem is non-existent with any other program at all. So this is the first time I've ever experienced this, and I thought it might have something to do with my computer installing shitty updates which kept crashing my computer. Well, I restored my computer and went into the updates settings and told the computer not to install anything automatically. But it installed updates anyways, and I'm mad as h-e-double hockey sticks because I can't make my computer stop AND starting today, the controller won't work.

It's an xbox generic brand joystick, called PowerA. I was wondering if there was a way around this little bug so that I can use my controller again? I was playing on version 1.0, and then I downloaded the most recent version and it still didn't work, just fyi. Also tried restarting the computer and nothing.

Edit: I got mad over nothing. :/ If I could delete this thread... I would. Basically, the input for game device wasn't set on the controller anymore. Don't know why it changed, but the problem is fixed. I feel stupid. Could the moderators please delete this thread? Or tell me how?

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I am Having the same problem,l can any one help?
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joystick, not working, project64 1.0, project64 2.1, update

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