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Question Memory Pak Support

I use my N64 controllers using a USB adapter - are there any plans to build a 'rescuer of Memory Pak Data' function?

The reason I ask, I'm quietly desperate to save my Perfect Dark multiplayer characters I've put 20 years into before the controller pak finally dies - soon.

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Exclamation It depends on the adapter

99.9% of N64 to USB adapters only translate gamepad controls (dpad, analog stick, buttons etc). They simply translate a proprietary connector format to USB, and translate the button maps.

There's only two exceptions to this rule (that I know of):

The Adaptoid: An adapter from 1999 that is no longer made anymore, it had special drivers that allowed for rumble and controller pak data transfer. The "real pak" feature of N-Rage input plugin uses the Adaptoid drivers.

GC/N64 to USB v3 (ralphnet): A newer adapter which also supports rumble and controller pak data transfer through its drivers. Still being sold, and even has a experimental input plugin for emulators.

If you had either of these adapters, you could easily use the provided driver/utilities to backup your save, without PJ64's involvement, which you could then just copy the file over to PJ64 or wherever.

You could also use a flashcart like 64drive or everdrive64 to backup the MPK data to a SD card.

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Default Bugger!

I've got a N64 controller-to-USB adapter where two controllers plug into one USB. It's from something called Mayflash. I was hoping there would be a software solution from that point as inside Project64 I can read the fact the fact there IS data from within Perfect Dark, but I can't then access it inside the game. Although the manager CAN delete it as a slip of the joystick proved. Hoping it wasn't the one I want, as the particular controller pak is an unofficial one with a button to switch between four memories that won't come out as it's jammed in. The two ideas you mention probably won't ship to New Zealand, as it was a mission to find an adapter that would. And the one that actually mentioned a price was way out of my league.

Cheers anyway.
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