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Default Windows 10 and Project 64

I'll make this brief as there's not really much to say. I've since rolled back to Windows 8.1, but with Windows 10 I wasn't having blue screens like others have experienced, but rather crashes of the emu. Namely choosing a game from the list displayed by the emulator. I could not choose a game from the list! What happened was that the window momentarily froze followed by a message saying it must close.

However, I COULD still play games. To do this I had to choose File at the top and choose a game navigating to a game's directory. Now I use a Retrode, but I pretty much eliminated that as a potential cause. Has anyone else experienced the issue I'm describing here? If, so are there any solutions besides running in compatibility (didn't work for me)?

Any solutions are appreciated, but I'll wait to try them later. Now there IS a new Windows 10 preview that has been released within the last month, however with Windows 10's official release so close I'll just wait until then. Who knows, perhaps my issue stated above won't even exist by then.

EDIT: 8/7/2015

I STILL can't choose a game within the main window of ANY of PJ64 emus I have. It's not THAT big of a deal, but I've decided to settle (or maybe concede) for going to file, open, to play games. Other than this snag the emu seems to run just as good as it did before upgrading from 8.1.

Edit: 1/18/16

Meant to do this MONTHS ago, but anyhoo... if Project64.exe.manifest exists in the main directory then delete it. Doing so will allow you to choose games without crashing. Granted, this "could" be an issue that was fixed through various Windows updates and the problem file may no longer be a factor, but if it is... delete the file.

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