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Old 14th September 2010, 10:32 PM
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Default does the frame rate affects the imputs?

The title says it all.

Thanks to the emulator I could finally play mario party 1, 2 and 3 again after so long.

I just have a question. Does a small drop in FPS affects inputs?

like from 60 that drops to 55.

if so, is there a way to keep the FPS up by disabling a few things?

It might seem ridiculous but i've played mario party's mini-game island and I KEEP losing in bumper balls. Mind you, I might justs uck at it (even though I'm pretty sure I don't) but it seems I can't keep a good speed as if I stopped pushing the joystick forward.

I keep losing in tug-o-war (one where you have tor otate the joystick) but in that mini-game I'm pretty sure it's just me that is weak.... or the CPUs that are Overpower.

anyway, just wanted to know if when FPS lowers it afftects inputs.
Old 15th September 2010, 12:57 AM
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I don't think so, it's probably your video card. Or you just suck. :P
Originally Posted by squall_leonhart View Post
seriously. do it.
Old 15th September 2010, 01:35 AM
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No way in Hell...Tug-o-war in Mario Party is almost impossible with a keyboard. Just using the original N64 controller wore my hands out, but I've never even come close to any degree of conspicuous progress using an emulator with a keyboard.

Besides, if you slow down emulation to half speed or something, that would mean that, with an unchanged tempo of signal stroking, you'd get twice the rate of intake within the game.
Like if I slow down Bomberman 64 from 100% speed to 5% speed, if I press A at the same rate, Bomberman pumps up his bomb like, 20x faster.

Too bad you can't really apply the slowdown technique to MP Tug o' War, cause you have to switch between the up, left, down, and right signal strokes in order to complete one rotation.

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