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Old 7th July 2017, 08:24 PM
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Originally Posted by RPGMaster View Post
This should most likely be able to get ported without issues, since it's code that runs on CPU . Maybe I will look into it at some point.
Cool, would be good.

Originally Posted by oddMLan View Post
Glide64 doesn't even have LLE support (more time you have to spend making your own LLE backend for it), when GlideN64 has LLE support baked in already.
PJGlide (Project64-Video), does have LLE support. It's just not very good atm. Faster than Jabo's LLE though. z64gl sacrifices accuracy for speed, there are many problems with lots of games still.

Regarding speed of GLideN64 versus Glide64. Most games are faster on Glide here. Though fzurita's threaded GLideN64 is faster here than Glide with Perfect Dark. On my shitty Intel HD Graphics. It never drops below 60 VI/s even with night vision and cam spy etc. TWINE also runs great. The only game that struggles to get 60 VI/s is CBFD.

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