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Old 24th August 2014, 10:35 PM
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You know what DOES convince me to use DirectX instead of OpenGL?
The fact that forwards-compatibility isn't such an issue.

The sad thing is that OpenGL/ES is the only significantly portable graphics programming API. OpenGL was usable on Linux, Windows, handhelds...more places overall than SDL I imagine. So why take the world's most portable graphics API, and break backwards-compatibility to make it less portable by not just deprecating, but also removing shit in OpenGL 3.1? It really is fucking foolish.

They turned it from an all-purpose portable solution, to a full-speed-programming-only "portable" solution. Doesn't it make logical sense, that the most portable solution should also be capable of also serving all-purpose feature set? Maintainability/smallness of implementation (inferior, inefficient shit like glDrawPixels, glVertex, ...) instead of largeness and bulkiness of the code and for only-full-speed-code permitted philosophy?

Because of that, I don't care if OpenGL does fall back to Windows GDI for pure-software mode, because at least then, the GDI code will be more portable than OpenGL code is today. (Of course OpenGL is still cross-OS unlike GDI, but even more important than that I believe is cross-hardware portability/compatibility since the OS is always replaceable software.) As if Microsoft itself was against cross-platform portability...Khronos fucked up even worse.

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