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Default Star Wars (Pod racer) runs too fast.


I'm having an issue in which the game runs 2 to 3 times faster in full screen mode or it runs 4 to 5 times faster in windowed mode. I have both recent releases of the emulator and the game. Oddly enough, when I played this game (Last year I believe), there were no problems. Could this be a compatibility issue with the newer version of the game + the newer emulator?

I used the bug fix for screen tearing by switching from 8mb to 4mb in the settings, but I have not come across a solution for my current problem. Does anyone know how to remedy this?
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Screen tearing bug?,Caused by memory size?

Your problem might be the same one everyone will have on every game.

There was a foolish change to later versions that have every game's settings presetted with two certain options checked which causes forced unlimited framerate.
Now everyone has to pain-stakingly change each game's settings to fix the fast speed issue.

Just right click the game and click "edit game settings" and untick the following:

Untick "Fixed Audio Timing" and "Sync Using Audio" then click Apply.

It should now run at normal speed.
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I did what was mentioned above, but that had only fixed the speed that the music plays. It does, however, seem to have also changed the game speed slightly. Now its only about 1.5x maybe 2x normal speed, but its consistent - meaning it remains 1.5x to 2x normal speed regardless of whether I'm playing in windowed mode or full-screen.

In addition, the framerate seems to have locked itself at 60, which is good. Before, it had rapidly ranged from 60 -> 90 without ever stopping.

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I seem to have fixed the problem. The VI refresh rate and AI count per byte needed to be changed to lower values.

So for future reference, (Perhaps to fix other peoples framerate issues and higher-than-normal game speeds), what needed to be done was:

- Untick Fixed Audio Timing
- Untick Sync using Audio
- Change VI refresh rate to 1490 (Lowered from 5000)
- Change AI count per byte to 100 (Lowered from 500)

*All under the emulators options<settings<config section.

Appreciate the assistance nonetheless, retroben.
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