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Originally Posted by RPGMaster View Post
Lol people say m64p is active, but what have they done recently? I'm genuinely curious, because I haven't checked in a while. PJ64's development has stagnated, but I think it's going to get better, now that zilmar has started posting on the forums again and is accepting pull requests. I haven't gotten around to doing that yet ;/ . I like how mupen64 handles audio, but m64p needs more plugins! There's only 1 LLE gfx plugin afaik and no RSP recompiler . I'd probably be satisfied with using z64gl if I did not have hardware specific issues with that plugin ;/ .
Y'know the github is out there in the open and stuff :P Not all that much was done lately mostly merging back fixes on the android side of things so original m64p can potentially be compiled and used on ARM devices. Some small performance optimizations in the hle-rsp and core, nothing overly significant. Regarding the plugins on lle gfx side there's GLideN64 now, which from my short play with rogue squadron seems to work fine. Regarding the RSP isnt HLE theoretically faster anyway (if done right, dunno how much that holds true for m64ps rsp )?
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