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Old 23rd September 2012, 08:10 AM
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Default Gamecube Controller not working...

I recently just bought a gc to pc adapter to use with project 64, as I love the comfort of that controller. I went with the mayflash dual adapter.. mainly out of pricing, but it seemed it would work ok. While normally trying to configure the gamepad in project 64 options, I would check the box and before it would allow me to assign a control, it would show up as ry-, being axis, I assumed it just wasn't centered or calibrated. I found out how to calibrate a controller on windows, following their steps, and it still was out of control during the testing, and same problem during configuration would occur inside of pj64. I tried downloading someone elses default set, and tried loading mario 64, but right after playing, it would show the zoomed in c-camera, not allowing me to move or control the game at all. I have tried two controllers, and the same problem on both of them. They are wavebirds... not positive if thats the problem, as I'm sure it supports wavebirds. The adapter itself was listed as a plug n play, meaning there was no driver to download. I'm pretty new to attempting a controller on an emulator, and was hoping someone here could help me out and possibly give me instructions on how to set this up properly, as I've searched for a couple hours with nothing that really helps. Thanks!

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