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Default Super Mario 64

do you have gameshark cheat code for "no fog mode"? i tried to search online everywhere but i can't find it everywhere.
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Just use Glide64 and disable fog when the game is running.

SM64 is not my strong suit for code finding.
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ok cool thanks!
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For some reason Iirc, Zilmar took out a lot of the debugger code, so that's why it crashes when you select memory viewer. No one will bother fixing up PJ64 lol.

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I sorry, but I guess this didn't help. When I try this, there's only a wall of zeros. There seems to be no activity in these adresses while playing minigames. I also tried it on the NTSC version but I get no values, either.

Maybe the timer is elsewhere because of this weird timer glitch MM experiences. Look at the thread "Zelda Majora's Mask timer too fast".
imran ali
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