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Old 7th October 2009, 10:10 AM
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Default MarioKart64 2 player controller problem

Hi, I'm having 2 player problems with mariokart64, 1 player works fine but when I try to use 2 player onyl the 2nd controller works and it flicks across 2 places instead of 1, for example when I go to the 1st options screen to choose 1player, 2p, 3p or 4p it flicks straight from 1p to 3p, when I then go to choose who I want to race with I can choose 2 players together, not 1 player for 1 controller and another player for the 2nd controller...

Does anybody have any ideas about this problem?

Thanks in advance!
Old 8th October 2009, 12:13 AM
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What device you use to control the game?
Old 8th October 2009, 07:25 AM
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If you have the controller plugin set with two controllers being plugged in IE: "Controller is Plugged in" on player 2 and you don't have keys set this can happen or if you have players 3 or 4 checked and no keys set then this can also happen. Make sure you only check the amount of players you have buttons set for and make sure all the buttons are set correctly. If you have two controllers make sure they are both plugged in...if you're using the keyboard for one of the players then make sure you have all the keys set for that player and make sure any players that have "controller is plugged in" set have the gamepad device you set them up with plugged in to the computer.

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