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Post >>>Access Violation<<<

Well, I have been trying to use gameshark codes on Goldeneye 007...like moon jump or, just codes that change the graphics or controls, and I get this annoying message that says <"access violation"while processing graphics data an acception occurred, you may need to restart the emulator> It's been really buging me along with the program..haha buging. well anyways, I was wondering if there was a way to get rid of this access violation...If anyone could help, that would be nice
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go to options and in settings click the options tab, then check On Loading ROM Go to Fullscreen.....after the rom has loaded you can then press esc to go back to a windowed mode.....loading to fullscreen usually gets rid of the access violation, it's a bug.....but once you go to fullscreen you can switch back to windowed mode and play all you like without any access violation.
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