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Exclamation I am having trouble...

I haven't had this problem till recently. This is the only problem i have had with this emulator. I am trying to play super smash bros. (classic game ) and well nothing goes wrong till i start to choose my character and the computers characters. A little window keeps popping up titled: "Acess Violation" and it says

"While processing graphics data an exception occured you may need to restart the emulator."

Well I restart it and it works, but it still occurs every so often. How do I fix this?
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Access violations are associated with Jabo's Direct3D plug-ins.

Changing this factor to something else, clearing memory of cheats or their effects, resetting and restoring without using save states, and checking for other interferences or in the configuration are ways to stop those results.
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this usually happens in a windowed mode....either start the game fullscreen or go to a fullscreen mode when you load the rom even if you switch back to a windowed mode after doing this it usually clears up any access violations.... some odd bug
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Simply use another plugin. Like Jabo8 instead of Jabo6. Or you could use the rice plugin. lol. That works for me while I am at school.
If you know of a PS1, Gamecube or Xbox emulator that works then please send me the link.

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