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Old 21st December 2017, 09:58 AM
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Sorry about delays,oldskool searches take FOREVER,some codes are my random search attempts so now you can keep the fire spit infinitely but only in areas with it available. (really trying to get item spawn/swaps working for the fire spit and trying to find something that makes fire spit always available and active)

Gex 3 - Deep Cover Gecko

Nearest Camera Distance
81004BA6 xxxx

Middle Camera Distance
81004BAE xxxx

Far Camera Distance
81004BBA xxxx

Frozen Camera
80005403 00xx
Allows you to even phase past where objects would be like the hub doors.

Button activator; (sadly an issue where D-pad is also used for walking just like analog with no option to disable it.
D00A6488 00xx
08,04,02,01=D-pad up,down,left,right

Disable Doorway Camera Angle
8000BB07 0001

Bouncy Camera When Idle
8000C8C8 0024

Machine Gun Fire Spits
800619DF 0000

Infinite Time Fire Spit
81061E3E 0000

TV Static Gex
D20A6713 0000
800A6713 00E0
D20A6713 00E0
800A6713 0020
Looks really cool! (activators are for fail-safe scenario/s)

Fire Spit Is "Jcrate B"
D1084A04 8034
81084A04 803B
D1084A06 B220
81084A06 41E0
Go to the Gangster level to access this cool object spawn and build massive box ladders.
(wished it was easier to swap objects globally with full actor data)
Use 8012_E160 on the 81 lines to clone Gex Gangsta models!!!
Don't over-do it because it perma-breaks the game where loading a save-state even starts with soft-locked game somehow.

Walk On All Fours
80044F6F 000C
80044F7F 000C
80045103 000C
8004511B 000C
800460D3 000C
Just a random code I looked for before posting this.

Frydo! Voice Over Sound Effects
8105A15C 2405
8105A15E 0843

Normal Walking Sound Mod
8105A1B6 xxxx
Better for simple sound mod instead of touching most sounds.

Pause Sound Mod
8105AF9A xxxx
0038=Boxcar Willy is my favorite hobo.
003B=Oh great~ Another snowboarding game.
003E=Now cut that out. *sniffle*
0048=Another Bug In My Gut

Unpause Sound Mod
8105AFD2 xxxx
The sound value placement is strange,the Lenny Gangster sound won't work on the pause mod but works here.
All of these should also work on the sounds mod above the pause mod as well.
0002=Lenny Gangster Getting Hit
0014=Lenny's Girlish Scream
0017=Lenny Throwing Crate
0036="Put your lips together"
0042=I'm outta order? YOUR outta order! This hole LEVEL's outta order!
0045=How 'bout I shove my foot up right up your- shoe...
004A=You certainly are a master spicer!
083F=Cut! Stunt Gecko
0848=Another Bug In My Gut

Alternate Pause Sound Mod
810D0A12 xxxx
Works on both pause and unpause.
10C6=Boxcar Willie is my favorite hobo.

Sounds and Music Mod
81065994 2411
81065996 00xx
Basically an "LSD the video game" vibe. Higher values get unstable and fail.
00=Stable From Title Sequence
01-1A=Should each be nice.

If you can handle interpreter speeds,try messing with this code on the main hub area for fun trippy music.

Gangsta Gex: "How 'bout I shove my foot right up your- shoe..."

Music and sound stuff was found,now I have to spend excess time to get it all together,because I can't just leave it after all the trouble I had from not being able to find it when I was actually looking for it earlier.

Many Sound Effects Are Instruments
8110B39C 800D
8110B39E E370
Excluding voice clips.
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