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Super Smash Bros. (U)

Action Visual Effects Mod
D10EAEA4 0018
810EAEA4 2418
D10EAEA6 C080
810EAEA6 xxxx
004C=Big Gust
0054=Flying Balls
0058=Landing Slam
0074=Big Explosions (Michael Bay!!)
0080=Screen Shake
0084=Big Screen Shake
0088=Huge Screen Shake
00B8=Box Debris!!!
00D8=Tiny Stars
0118=Thunder On Pikachu

Pokemon Swapper
D116F24C 000E
8116F24C 240F
D116F24E 7880
8116F24E 00xx
Forces all Pokemon to be the same.
10=Maxim Tomato (not a Pokemon)
1C=Beam Sword "Honedge"
20=Homerun Bat
28=Star Rod
2C=Ray Gun
30=Fire Flower
38=Motion Sensor Bomb
3C=Bob-omb (totally not that Pokemon that resembles one)
44=Green Shell
48=Red Shell (Squirtle decoy)
4C=Quantum Physics Pokeball
8C=Meowth (OP if 3 pokeballs appear)
AC=Clefairy (merely aesthetic due to Metronome)

Goldeen Replaced By Another Pokeball
D11894F4 8017
811894F6 CE0C
A wildcard for anyone to take advantage of.

Weak At Throwing Items
8114645C 240C
8114645E 01A0
Always lightly chucks them,even with crates.

Beam Sword Neutral Attack Speed
8012CA38 00xx
00=Skipped (makes weapons useless besides throwing them)
01=Very Slow
32=Fan Speed Fast
7F=Super Fast
FF=Max Speed

Beam Sword Slashing Speed
8012CA3C 00xx

Beam Sword Smash Speed
8012CA40 00xx

Beam Sword Dash Speed
8012CA44 00xx

Homerun Bat Attack Speed
8012CA48 00xx

Homerun Bat Swing Speed
8012CA4C 00xx

Homerun Bat Smash Speed
8112CA50 xxxx
3200=Fan Fast

Homerun Bat Dash Speed
8012CA54 00xx

Fan Attack Speed
8012CA58 00xx

Fan Slap Speed
8012CA5C 00xx

Fan Smash Speed
8012CA60 00xx

Fan Dash Speed
8012CA64 00xx
19=Default (to match other weapons)

Star Rod Attack Speed
8012CA68 00xx

Star Rod Swing Speed
8012CA6C 00xx
FF=Insane Star Spawns!

Star Rod Smash Speed
8012CA70 00xx

Star Rod Dash Speed
8012CA74 00xx

Shadow Color Mod
8012CA78 00RR
8012CA79 00GG
8012CA7A 00BB

Shadow Visibility Mod
8012CA7B 00xx

Title Screen Mod
810A43C2 xxxx
1CC8=Debug Stage Select
1D00=Debug Menu 3D
1D40=Debug Match Menu
1EB8=Item Switch

Sound Test Menu is Debug Test Menu
810A44AA 1D00
Press start to access a variety of options including the music and sounds.

Intro Sequence But (Link keeps turning to look at you)
800A4467 0014

Intro Sequence But (Pikachu keeps swinging on a pokeball)
800A4473 0054


GoldenEye 007 (U)

Global Sound Mod
81008E8C 2419
81008E8E xxxx
Many sounds ended up breaking sadly,another unstable code.
0150=Woman Gasping
02DC=DOOM Marine Scream
0354=Splatting Body?!?

All Instruments Music Mod
8101198C 240E
8101198E xxxx
0000=Voice Instrument?!?
0008=Broken Bass???
000C=Jam! Sound
0018=Brass 2?
001C=Brass 3?
0028=Metallic Sound
002C=Bond Guitar Riffs
0030=Toy Piano
0034=Epic Sweeping Instrument Sound
0038=Big Bassy Drums
0040=Different Marimba?
0044=String Strum
0048=??? A Wind Instrument
0054=Tribal Drums
0058=Another Marimba?
005C=Creepy Bell
0060=Synth Sound?
0064=Logo Intro Ambience
0068=Dunno (wood based?)
006C=Tapping Drum Stick
0070=Plastic Drum
0078=Another Brass
007C=Ambient Clank
0080=High Trebbled Instrument???
0084=Painful Sound (farty)
0088=Drum Beat (pause/etc.)
008C=Metallic Screeching
0090=Old-timey Organ
0094=Drum-esque and Tamborine
00A4=More Metal Ambient Noise
00A8=Another Bongos
00AC=Another Marimba (pause menu version)
00B4=Service Bell? (hardly plays)
00C4=Bond Horn
00C8=Bond Guitar?
00CC=Another Broken Bass
00D0=Bond Low Rock Synth
00D4=Bond Electric Guitar
00D8=Almost Seinfeld Bass
00DC=Metal Cable Tugging/Elastic String (like from a sock)
00E8=Drumset (percussion remix)
00EC=Epic Steel Sound
00F4=A Horn?
00F8=Marching Drum
00FC=Bond Strings
0100=Glass Chime
0104=Another Guitar
010C=? Cool Sounding
0110=Another Marimba
0118=Another Strings
011C=Creepy Ambience
0124=Very Bassy Thumps
0128=Showy Epic Sounds (varies left/right sides)

All Instruments Sound Mod
8101198C 240E
8101198E 0000
812CDE18 80yy
812CDE1A xxxx
812CDEF8 80yy
812CDEFA xxxx
Sadly many sounds are low pitched on this code.
2C_8B98=Metal Bar?
2C_8D28=Gun Shots?
2C_8DD8=Woman Gasping
2C_8E88=Woman Quickly Screaming
2C_8EE0=Cool Chime
2C_8F48=Cool Thumping Sound
2C_8FA0=Bullet Ricochet
2C_8FF8=Ricochet 2
2C_9070=Ricochet 3
2C_90F8=Ricochet 4
2C_9180=Ricochet 5
2C_9290=Ricochet 6
2C_9308=Ricochet 7
2C_9360=No Bullets
2C_9410=Metal Clatter
2C_9468=Silenced Pistol Shot
2C_95C8=Cocked Gun
2C_9678=Metal Clinking
2C_96E0=Evil Laugh
2C_9A40=Whistling Noise? (creepy)
2C_9FA0=Radio Whirring
2C_A0A8=Circus Clown's Tune (jarring on high notes)
2C_A828=Strong Gunshots
2C_A998=Long Range Gunshot
2C_AC00=Shotgun Shells?
2C_B678=Computer Beep
2C_B7B0=Insane Alarm
2C_BCD8=DOOM Marine Scream!
2C_C668=Body Splat?
2C_CC00=Cool Jingling
2C_CFF0=Computer Data
2C_D138=Delightful Ding
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Gex 3 - Deep Cover Gecko (U)

Hub World Gex Mod
81082858 yyyy
8108285A xxxx
8108285C yyyy
8108285E xxxx
Template; yyyy_xxxx_yyyy_xxxx
0175_2640_0175_6460=Army Gex
0175_6460_0175_9B50=Astronaut Gex
0175_9B50_0176_1F90=Astronaut Gex Rocket
0176_1F90_0176_5A90=Medical Bay Gex
0176_5A90_0176_97C0=Default (bleeding scar)
0176_97C0_0177_7FE0=Normal Gex
0177_7FE0_0177_AAC0=Dracula Gex
0177_B040_0177_E530=FlyMan Gex
0177_F0A0_0178_28E0=Hercules Gex
0178_8C40_0178_EA70=Mexican Gex
0178_EA70_0179_4C10=Pharoah Gex
0179_4C10_0179_A7C0=Pirate Gex
0179_A7C0_0179_F060=Pirate "b"
0179_F060_017A_2200=Little Red Riding Hood Gex
017A_2200_017A_8EE0=Anime Robot Gex
017A_8EE0_017A_C260=Roman Gex
017A_C260_017A_FF90=Scuba Gex
017A_FF90_017B_6100=Sherlock Gex
017B_9DA0_017B_E750=Christmas Gex
017B_E750_017C_22A0=Snowboard Gex
017C_22A0_017C_6A60=Gex "sta" (dunno the name)
017C_6A60_017C_A580=Super Gex (Canary costume)
017C_A580_017D_1460=Gex "Tank" :'(
017D_1460_017D_55E0=Tin Man Gex (Lizard of Oz)
017D_55E0_017D_85F0=Volt Gex
017D_85F0_017D_BAF0=Wrestling Gex
0180_F790_0181_3910=Indiana Gex

Cuz Mod
81081A98 yyyy
81081A9A xxxx
81081A9C yyyy
81081A9E xxxx
Gex's cousin,why even mod this character when you can mod the many Gex forms into him for more access?

Army Gex Mod
81082818 yyyy
8108281A xxxx
8108281C yyyy
8108281E xxxx

Astronaut Gex Mod
81082828 yyyy
8108282A xxxx
8108282C yyyy
8108282E xxxx
0175_9B50_0176_1F90=Astronaut Gex Rocket

Astronaut Gex W/ Rocket Mod
81082838 yyyy
8108283A xxxx
8108283C yyyy
8108283E xxxx
0175_6460_0175_9B50=Rocketless Astronaut Gex

Medical Bay Gex Mod
81082848 yyyy
8108284A xxxx
8108284C yyyy
8108284E xxxx

Normal Gex Mod (title screen)
81082868 yyyy
8108286A xxxx
8108286C yyyy
8108286E xxxx
Might be possible to mod with more stuff than others.

Dracula Gex Mod
81082878 yyyy
8108287A xxxx
8108287C yyyy
8108287E xxxx
0175_9B50_0176_1F90=Astronaut Gex Rocket

FlyMan Gex Mod
81082898 yyyy
8108289A xxxx
8108289C yyyy
8108289E xxxx

Hercules Gex Mod
810828B8 yyyy
810828BA xxxx
810828BC yyyy
810828BE xxxx

Mexican Gex Mod
81082908 yyyy
8108290A xxxx
8108290C yyyy
8108290E xxxx

Pharaoh Gex Mod
81082918 yyyy
8108291A xxxx
8108291C yyyy
8108291E xxxx

Pirate Gex Mod A
81082928 yyyy
8108292A xxxx
8108292C yyyy
8108292E xxxx
0179_A7C0_0179_F060=Pirate "b"

Pirate Gex Mod B
81082938 yyyy
8108293A xxxx
8108293C yyyy
8108293E xxxx
0179_4C10_0179_A7C0=Pirate "a"

Little Red Riding Hood Gex Mod
81082948 yyyy
8108294A xxxx
8108294C yyyy
8108294E xxxx

Anime Robot Gex Mod
81082958 yyyy
8108295A xxxx
8108295C yyyy
8108295E xxxx

Roman Gex Mod
81082968 yyyy
8108296A xxxx
8108296C yyyy
8108296E xxxx

Scuba Gex Mod
81082978 yyyy
8108297A xxxx
8108297C yyyy
8108297E xxxx

Sherlock Gex Mod
81082988 yyyy
8108298A xxxx
8108298C yyyy
8108298E xxxx
Probably not a good idea since he needs the magnifying glass to access minigames.

Christmas Gex Mod
810829A8 yyyy
810829AA xxxx
810829AC yyyy
810829AE xxxx
Not a good time to use as of this code's original find date.
017B_E750_017C_22A0=Snowboard Gex (silly looking)

Snowboard Gex Mod
810829B8 yyyy
810829BA xxxx
810829BC yyyy
810829BE xxxx
017B_9DA0_017B_E750=Christmas Gex (ridiculous looking)

Gex "sta" Mod
810829C8 yyyy
810829CA xxxx
810829CC yyyy
810829CE xxxx
Most likely the gangster themed level.

Super Gex Mod
810829D8 yyyy
810829DA xxxx
810829DC yyyy
810829DE xxxx
Why would you mod this one or Volt? (hmm...)
May lose powers.
017D_55E0_017D_85F0=Volt Gex

Tank Gex Mod
810829E8 yyyy
810829EA xxxx
810829EC yyyy
810829EE xxxx
Too bad I can't make a tank spawn any area yet.

Tin Man Gex Mod
810829F8 yyyy
810829FA xxxx
810829FC yyyy
810829FE xxxx

Volt Gex Mod
81082A08 yyyy
81082A0A xxxx
81082A0C yyyy
81082A0E xxxx
May lose powers.
017C_6A60_017C_A580=Super Gex

Wrestling Gex Mod
81082A18 yyyy
81082A1A xxxx
81082A1C yyyy
81082A1E xxxx
Sadly can't figure out the wing head Gex location.

Indiana Gex Mod
81082CE8 yyyy
81082CEA xxxx
81082CEC yyyy
81082CEE xxxx

Kangaroo Gex Mod?
81082F28 yyyy
81082F2A xxxx
81082F2C yyyy
81082F2E xxxx

Rex Mod
81083A38 yyyy
81083A3A xxxx
81083A3C yyyy
81083A3E xxxx
Kangaroo form doesn't work on top of Gex,so that sucks.

Alfred Mod
81084488 yyyy
8108448A xxxx
8108448C yyyy
8108448E xxxx

Candy Canes Mod
81081638 yyyy
8108163A xxxx
8108163C yyyy
8108163E xxxx
If you are savvy enough,you can look in memory viewer
from 0x80080CC0-0x800848E0 to get object values on the right half.
Just look at an already listed value for an example of value placement.
0176_5A90_0176_97C0=Hub World Gex (sadly not clone players)
0176_97C0_0177_7FE0=Gex In Lounge Chair
0183_84C0_0183_E550=Kangaroo With Gex
019A_FBF0_019B_5AB0=Evil Santa

Alternate Objects Appear
810312A0 0000
810312A2 0000
Causes the first halfway match of each object group to spawn instead of the proper one,so many weird things everywhere.
Have fun with this code!

Edit: Unfortunately the Snowboard Gex breaks when changed but its funny to look at the results of him staying the same instead of being what you picked but glitched on animations.

Edit 3: Indiana Jones was added,but now the missing Cuz and Alfred are now added to the list with their values!
Oddly,the Alfred player character's object has an extra property if you replace something like the candy cane or his helpful form with it,you can kill this Alfred with a tail attack!

Edit 3b : Turns out "Super Gex" was the orange one with a Cardinal costume the whole time,my bad.

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Gex 3 - Deep Cover Gecko (U)

Walk On Slippery Slopes
80039A5B 0001

No Recoil From Damage
8003F0BE 0000
Sound effect doesn't play.

Can't Die From Damage Or Drowning
8003EC0F 0000
8003EC23 0000
Animation plays out once and can control once done.
Drowning simply places you standing underwater for added fun.

Walk In Air
80043D0B 0081
Also infinite jumps.

Sorry for low amount of codes,feelin' funky lately with stomach distress.
(not the pains,just diarrhea caused by a banana mixed with brownies)
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Gex 3 - Deep Cover Gecko (U)

Pause For Level Select
8108A372 7958
Basically an all access pass to any level you want!

Game Setup Is Sound Effects Test
8108A3EA 7968

Game Setup Is Level Select
8108A3EA 7958
Better than using the main pause menu since it only leaves a single menu unavailable.

Global Death Animation Mod
8103EC60 2402
8103EC62 00xx
00=Normal Flip
04=Falling Back Feet Spring Up (comedic fart sound)
0C=Faceplant Slumping Tail Over Head
10=Heart Attack Falling On Left
14=Spectacular Air Twirl
18=Spinning On Tail Falling Stiff

Death Animation Mods;

Death 1 Mod
8003EC7F 00xx
0D=Default Normal Flip
2D=Death 2 Falling Back Feet Spring Up
49=Death 3 Decapitated
4A=Death 4 Faceplant Slumping Tail Over Head
4B=Death 5 Heart Attack Falling On Left
4C=Death 6 Spectacular Air Twirl (conditional for Death 7)
4D=Death 7 Spinning On Tail Falling Stiff
Animation list; http://forum.pj64-emu.com/showpost.p...&postcount=216

Death 2 Mod
8003EC87 00xx

Death 3 Mod
8003EC8F 00xx

Death 4 Mod
8003EC97 00xx

Death 5 Mod
8003EC9F 00xx

Death 6 Mod
8003ECA7 00xx

Death 7 Mod
8003ECAB 00xx

Extra Death 6 Mod
8003ECBB 00xx
Conditional death for death 7's path if you are in the air instead of on the ground.

Hazard Damage Type Mod
8108A602 xxxx
F908=Lava-styled Bounce Damage
F940=Invincible To Hazards
Not for enemies or projectiles they attack with.
Campfires,cacti,pool,and pool chair enemy are affected.

Lava Hazard Bounce Mod?
8108A61E xxxx
Defunct,as "Et Tu Gecko?"'s lava ignores this,no idea what reads this one.
F918=Normal Damage
F940=Invincible To Lava?

Outlandish Audio
8008AD72 B814
Badly tuned music and helium Gex voice.
B7E0=Puberty and Helium

Hub Area Is Glitched Levels (bonus code for now)
8107FCE4 0140
8107FCE6 5050
8107FCE8 0146
8107FCEA 9430
Talk to your turtle friend for a funny voice change with both spots!
00EC_C4E0_00F3_28C0=Glitched Christmas Level
00F5_1740_00FB_0A60=Glitched Egypt Level
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Delayed for a day but I worked on another code for a different game,so it wasn't an entire waste,for now here's an advanced ASM code for Gex 3!

Edited the post with character mods.
Cuz and Alfred are finally added so they can be playable anywhere instead of just secrets,much like Rex "was" restricted to.


xxxx=Object used to replace others,has 2 spots.
0x06 0x32

yyyy=First object to replace

zzzz=Object after last replaced. (this doesn't get swapped,only the one before it as the last object)

Gex 3 - Deep Cover Gecko (U)

Object Mod Swap Magic
81031410 0C02
81031412 4000
81090000 3C08
81090002 8008
81090004 DD08
81090006 xxxx
81090008 3C02
8109000A 8008
8109000C 2442
8109000E yyyy
81090010 FC48
81090012 0000
81090014 6408
81090016 0000
81090018 3C08
8109001A 8008
8109001C 2508
8109001E zzzz
81090020 5048
81090022 0006
81090024 0000
81090026 0000
81090028 2442
8109002A 0010
8109002C 3C08
8109002E 8008
81090030 DD08
81090032 xxxx
81090034 1000
81090036 FFF6
81090038 0000
8109003A 0000
8109003C 0800
8109003E C44A
Sadly doesn't fully change the objects to the real thing.
Many objects are breakable,at least when replacing the candy canes.
0CC8=Magazine 1
0CD8=Two Barrel Stack
0CE8=Magazine 2
0CF8=Three Barrel Stack
0D08=Magazine 3
0D18=Magazine 4
0D28=Magazine 5
0D38=Large Cave Grate?
0D48=Air Machine
0D58=Part of Air Machine?
0D78=Textured Block (kid on static fuzz background)
0D88=Hunter Enemy
0DA8=Turtle Butler Relaxing With Newspaper
0DB8=A Mirror
0DC8=Elf Enemy (replace with cat for funny result)
0DD8=Ice Skating Elf Enemy
0DE8=Snowboard Elf With Present
0E08=Anime Beam (actually damages you)
0E18=Anime Bomb?
0E28=Medical Crate
0E38=Long Medical Crate
0E48=Fiery Effect?
0E58=Anime Battery
0E68=Anime Chair
0E78=Anime Console
0E88=Anime Door Hatch A
0E98=Anime Door B
0EA8=Anime Door C (working collision)
0EB8=Anime Door D
0EC8=Anime Metal Door?
0ED8=Anime Computer
0EE8=Anime Fan x?
0EF8=Damaging Anime Forcefield A
0F08=Damaging Forcefield B
0F18=Anime "gdrd"?
0F28=Anime Window A
0F38=Anime Window B
0F48=Anime Caution?
0F58=Anime Object?
0F68=Anime Gun Shot?
0F78=Anime Purple Effect?
0F88=Anime Platform?
0F98=Anime Platform Grate
0FA8=Purple Cube?
0FB8=Hovering Anime Platform
0FC8=Anime Holographic Screen
0FF8=Damaging Shocks?
1008=Anime Stand (a button?)
1018=Huge Anime Swivel Platform
1028=Anime "Table" (doctor bed w/ wheels)
1038=Another Anime Platform?
1048=Anime Triangle Switch?
1058=Anime Electric Node?
1068=Anime Healing Pod?
1078=Anime Electric Tube?
10A8=Strange Plant
10B8=Bouncy Present (not working swapped)
10C8=Garbage Can
10D8=General Store Sign
1108=Torch Bowl
1118=Wall Torch
1128=Vine Decoration
1138=Purple Cube
1148=Barrel Bottom?
1158=Big One Battery
1168=Fan Blade
1178=Bonus Coin?
1188=Blimp Seating
1198=Beach Bum Sign?
11A8=Mansion Chair
11F8=Ice Block
1208=Dark Grey Door
1218=Transparent Red Striped Beach Parasol
1228=Stuffed Bear
1238=Bear Enemy
1248=Stuffed Bear's Pedestal
1268=Alcoholic Beverage Crate?
12A8=Visit "Pooptown USA" Sign
12B8=Damaging Shockwave?
12D8=Another Mirror
12F8=Sinister Cartoon Villain
1308=Cemetary Sign
1318=Lake Door Panel Collectable
1328=Valley Door Panel Collectable
1338=Funky Town Door Panel Collectable
1348=Noisy Lever (always being pulled?)
1358=Small Platform
1368=Flashy Object?
1378=Small Object?
1388=Silver Remote (spawns Lake Door Collectable in hub)
1398=Health Fly TV (easy mode)
13B8=Grey Cube?
13C8=Small Present
13E8=Giant Chicken?
13F8=Stone Coin???
1408=DMZ Cafe Sign
1418=Stone Mirror
1428=BSPN X-treme Surf Sign
1438=Mansion Table
1448=Small 2D Object?
1458=Large Bubble
1478=Bunk Bed
14A8=Another Donkey?
14C8=Another Butterfly?
14E8=Cactus Dressed As A Cowboy
14F8=Damaging Cactus
1508=Another Damaging Cactus
1518=Three Damaging Thornbushes
1528=One Damaging Thornbush
1548=Campfire (don't touch)
1558=Grey Object/Horrible Sound (Slender Man?)
1568=2D Enemy Ball
1588=High-boy Dresser
1598=2D Carrot
15A8=Ash Tray
15B8=Large Barrel Keg,Date 1759
15E8=Gex Jeans Billboard
15F8=Eerie 2D Flower
1608=Large Bookshelf
1618=Bookshelf Platforming
1628=Long Bookshelf
1638=Candy Cane (and dancing)
1668=Mansion Couch
1678=Speaking Dracula Gex?!? "Crickets"
1688=Mansion Door A
1698=Mansion Door B
16A8=Metal Block Covered Fan Blade
16B8=Wing Decorated Door A
16C8=Wing Decorated Door B
16D8=Yellow Gate
16E8=2D Wine Glass
16F8=Big Mansion Chair
1708=Spiked Lounge Chair Enemy
1728=Vase Shaped Basket
1738=Wreck Room Entrance Head
1758=Chicken of the Sea Sign
1768=Flimsy Crate
1798=Oyster With Pearl
17A8=Metal Wall Torch
17B8=Hanging Lamp
17C8=Bar Table
17D8=Mansion Bed
17E8=Mansion Table?
17F8=Small Laser?
1808=Bear Rug
1818=Mansion Columns?
1838=Falling Platform
1848=Strange Ape Man With Propeller Hat
1868=Elephant Foot?
1888=Pictureframe of Gex
1898=Cooking Pot
18A8=Pool Table
18B8=Kitchen Sink
18C8=TV Static
18D8=Torch Pole
18E8=Front of TV (a "flatscreen" TV!)
18F8=Window (breakable)
1928=Code Symbols
1938=Code Square
19A8=Magnifying Glass
19B8=Fake Coin
19C8=Fly Coin
19D8=Paw Coin?
19E8=Time Boost Stopwatch
1A08=Fiery Effect?
1A18=? Noisy "conch"
1A28=Blood Cooler Unit
1A38=Blood Cooler Tank
1A58=Green Coral
1A68=Yellow Coral
1A78=Time Counter?
1A88=Cousin "Caged"
1AA8=Cousin Travelling
1AB8=Bullet "cowball?"
1AC8=Ghostly Cowboy
1AD8=2D Cow Skull
1AE8=Chicken Coop
1AF8=Open Flame
1B08=Bloodthirsty Gex?
1B28=Potted Plant (appreciatedly animated)
1B38=Unshaded Potted Plant
1B48=Magic Self-arranging Presents
1B58=Crusher? "Crack"
1B68=Small Rectangle Crate
1B78=Crave Logo (resource hog/glitched)
1B88=Cricket (sound player?)
1B98=Concert Light?
1BA8=Ristorante Sign
1BB8=Absolutely Gecko Sign
1BC8=Space Shuttle
1BE8=Massive Kitchen Sponge
1BF8=Smooth Damaging Cactus (spiked texture only)
1C08=Frankenstein-esque Table
1C28=Granite Counter-top?
1C38=Safe (named Extra Safe)
1C48=Cue Rack
1C78=Wooden Barricade
1C88=Dead Tree
1C98=Weird Harmless Cactus
1CA8=Harmless Cactus
1CB8=Large Rectangle Crate W/ Target
1CC8=Two Crates
1CD8=Harmless Thorn Plant
1CE8=Cart W/ Gold
1CF8=Sturdier Looking Rectangle Crate
1D08=Harmless Smooth Cactus
1D18=Harmless Group of Thorn Plants
1D48=Daisy 2
1D58=Gas Flame Lantern?
1D68=Invisible Collision?
1D78=Egyptian Platforms?
1D88=Large Stone Terrrain?
1D98=Water Pump
1DA8=Strange Shaped Object (no collision)
1DB8=Smaller Strange Object
1DC8=Basic Log Fence
1DD8=Green Octagon Platform
1DE8=Danger Sign
1DF8=Carl Cactus 1801-1841 Grave Monument
1E08=I.P. Freely 1803-1841 Cheap Wooden Gravestone
1E18=Tree (glitched textures)
1E28=Destructable War Bricks
1E38=Large Destructable Bricks
1E48=Huge Destructable White Bricks
1E58=Huge Destructable White Bricks 2
1E68=Tall Destructable White Bricks
1E78=Large Stone Platforming
1E98=Green Font (an object?!?)
1EA8=NY Sanitation Storage
1EB8=Static Spark Effect?
1EC8=Spinning Satellite Radar Dish
1ED8=Dancing Deer Sign
1EE8=Dancing Detour Ahead Sign
1EF8=Large Building Door
1F08=Large Building Door 2
1F28=Boat Paddle?
1F38=Metal Curved Platform
1F48=DracuGex Picture (no transformation)
1F58=Head Bust Switch
1F68=Anime Droid "Animal?"
1F78=Barrel Drum
1F88=Gex Statue (tail bounce breaks it)
1F98=VHS Tape? (remnant from PS1 game or not?)
1FA8=Rubber Duck
1FC8=Hideous Dummies
1FD8=Dynamite Bundle
1FF8=Damaging Wall Torch
2008=Small Paw Button
2028=Cursed Egypt Box
2048=Magical Blue Light Emitting Egypt Relic
2058=Red Column
2068=Bizarre Thunderbolt Shaped Wall
2078=Egypt Ramp
2088=Egypt Panel
2098=Invisible Platform
20A8=Egypt Panel 2
20B8=Egypt End TV (level has premade collision)
20C8=Port O Throne
20D8=Egpyt...HotDog Stand
20E8=Greenish Platform
20F8=Sarcophagus Breakable Wall
2108=Egypt Telephone Booth?
2118=Egypt Pillar
2138=Gex Vending Machine
2158=Egypt Paw Step
2168=Egypt Paw Step 2
2178=Dormant Egypt Relic
2198=Green Gate (vanishes oddly)
21A8=Yellow/Red Lighted Mine (damages)
21B8=Strange Torch
21C8=End TV From Anime Stage (solid)
21D8=End TV "bn"
21E8=End TV Clueless
21F8=End TV "ct"
2208=End TV Egypt
2218=End TV "gt"
2228=End TV "mb"
2238=End TV "my"
2248=End TV "pr"
2258=End TV "sn"
2268=End TV "wr"
2278=2D Object "epower"
2288=End TV Button (don't touch it!)
2298=Exploding Puff?
22A8=Exploding Effect
22F8=Snowboard Bench (sadly not reacting to attacks)
2308=Blue Flower
2318=Fairytale Brick House
2328=Fairytale Branch
2338=Tall Bush
2348=Potted Bush
2358=Fairytale Candle
2368=Fairytale Coins
2378=Two Daffodills
2388="Dandy" Flower?
23B8=Massive Fork (really shiny)
23C8=Fire Hydrant
23E8=Small Fire Effect
2408=Fire Effect
2418=Angler Fish
2428=Weird Variant Of Fish
2438=Yellow/Orange Striped Fish
2448=Red Flame
2458=Large Flea
2468=Beanstalk Leaf
2478=Leaf 2 (these look varied)
2488=Leaf 3
2498=Leaf 4
24A8=Leaf 5
24B8=Leaf 6 (purple)
24C8=Leaf 7 (wilted)
24D8=Light Pole
2858=Hub World Bleeding Gex

List will be continued...

Extra notes below... (use that awesome code I posted earlier that changes a menu into level select for easier and quick access to all levels)

Savestates on the story briefing when loading a file before using the code then loading that savestate may help but,
PJ64 is stubborn about modded ASM,sometimes even custom ASM can be lazy when modified,making codes harder to use on-the-fly.
Really wished someone would implement that fix from Mupen64Plus that refreshes cached memory to make it match RDRAM without any negative issues like performance drops.

Range examples;

2818 and 2A28 All Gex forms including ice sculptures.
(only use Gex values as object replacing Gex,add 10 to the value for different forms but a few won't work due to issues such as the flying one I can't find,only its wings themselves)

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Gex 3 - Deep Cover Gecko (U)

Read previous post for earlier values and more info.

Object Mod Swap (continued)
81031410 0C02
81031412 4000
81090000 3C08
81090002 8008
81090004 DD08
81090006 xxxx
81090008 3C02
8109000A 8008
8109000C 2442
8109000E yyyy
81090010 FC48
81090012 0000
81090014 6408
81090016 0000
81090018 3C08
8109001A 8008
8109001C 2508
8109001E zzzz
81090020 5048
81090022 0006
81090024 0000
81090026 0000
81090028 2442
8109002A 0010
8109002C 3C08
8109002E 8008
81090030 DD08
81090032 xxxx
81090034 1000
81090036 FFF6
81090038 0000
8109003A 0000
8109003C 0800
8109003E C44A
24E8=Invisible Damage
24F8=Golden Pot?
2508=Open Flame Effect
2518=Big Flame Effect
2528=Tiny Flame Effect
2538=Cockatoo Prop
2548=White Bird
2588=House of Straw
2598=Car Tire
25B8=Large Twig
25D8=Fire Wick (can stamp it out)
25E8=Wood Building
25F8=Invisible Collision?
2638=Gargoyle Face
2648=Gargoyle Chunk
2668=Another Gargoyle Chunk
2678=Gargoyle Chunk
2698=White-Wood Edged Gate
26A8=Short Gate
26B8=Gatling Gun
26C8=Hole From Gatling Bullet
26D8=Gatling Shot Fire Effect
26E8=Red Gangster Car
26F8=Metal Plated Barrel
2708=Breakable Wood Barrier
2728=Paw Door/s?
2738=Locker Door
2748=Wooden War Jacks
2758=Tutorial Glass
2768=Cargo Crate
2778=Security Camera
2788=Secret Wall
2798=Holographic Screen Projector?
27A8=Itzyer Vault Door
27B8=Dumbell Bench
27C8=Breakable Wood Barrier
27D8=Gex Statue
27E8=Company Garage Door?
27F8=Different Gangster Gun
2818=Army Gex
2828=Astronaut Gex W/ Rocket (messy)
2838=Astronaut Gex (helmet?!?)
2848=Medical Bay Gex
2858=Hub World Bleeding Gex
2868=Title Screen Gex
2878=Dracula Gex
2888=Gex Eyes?
2898=Gex FlyMan
28A8=Extra Life Head (collect animation)
28B8=Hercules Gex
28C8=Ice Sculpture of Gex
28D8=Another Gex Ice Sculpture
28E8=Destroyable Sculpture
28F8=Chunkiest Sculpture
2908=Mexican Gex (riding mule pose?)
2918=Pharaoh Gex
2928=Pirate Gex A
2938=Pirate Gex B
2948=Little Red Riding Hood Gex
2958=Gex Anime Robot
2968=Roman Gex
2978=Scuba Gex
2988=Sherlock Gex
2998=Shrinking Gex?
29A8=Christmas Gex
29B8=Snowboard Gex
29C8=Gangster Gex (glitched)
29D8=Super Gex (Cardinal bird costume)
29E8=Gex In Tank (can't get this to mod character properly much like skateboard)
29F8=Tin Man Gex
2A08=Volt Gex
2A18=Wrestler Gex
2A28=Vertical Flame
2A38=Anime Girl Enemy
2A48=Big Black Cube?
2A58=? Visual Effect
2A68=Garbage Can (gangster hiding?)
2A88=Oildrum Barrel
2A98=Large Gold Carrier
2AA8=Super Hero Changing Booth
2AC8=Grenade Enemy
2AD8=Grey Boulder
2AE8=? Rope?
2B08=Invisible Hitbox? (destroyed)
2B18=Invisible Hitbox? (non-destroyable)
2B38=Green Cargo Truck
2B58=Glass Tubing?
2B78=Dracula Cape
2B88=Green Spit
2B98=Red Spit
2BA8=Super Gex's Wings
2BC8=Bear Head Wall Decoration
2BD8=Dopey Moose Head Decoration
2BE8=Bitey Gator Head Decoration (or is it crocodille)
2BF8=Skeleton Pirate (title intro)
2C08=Battling Skeleton Pirate
2C18=Other Skeleton Pirate
2C38=? Small Object
2C48=Another Small Flame
2C68=Leafy Plant
2C78=? Tiny Object
2C88=Space Satellite
2C98=Wreck Room Paw Platform
2CA8=Higher Paw Platform
2CB8=Taller Paw Platform
2CD8=Another Counter?
2CE8=Indiana Gex (immense lag and glitched?)
2CF8=Tiny Green Thing
2D18=Duck Target Crate
2D28=Pirate Skull Drinking Crate
2D58=Huge Pirate Skull Drinking Crate
2D68=Extremely Loud Pumping Object?
2D78=Detailed Sandcastle (can destroy)
2D88=Damaged Sandcastle
2D98=Beaten Sandcastle
2DA8=Mostly Smashed Sandcastle
2DB8=Destroyed Sandcastle
2DC8=Breakable Crate
2DD8=Non-breakable Crate
2DE8=Pirate Door
2E48=Small Object
2E68=Barbed Wire Fence (top actually damaging)
2E78=Barbed Wire Fence 2
2E88=Massive Pirate Ship Part?
2E98=Red Tipped Plank
2EB8=Weird Rocket?!?
2EC8=Rope Ladder (climbable!)
2ED8=Rope Ladder 2
2EE8=Pirate Paw Platform
2EF8=Lifeguard Chair Tower
2F08=Another Oildrum
2F28=Kangaroo Gex
2F38=Developer's Family Cube!
2F48=Bell on Wooden Post (marsupial stage/can't hit)
2F58=Bell on Branch (marsupial)
2F78=Gex Cola Soda Can Hazard
2F88=King of Clovers Card Collectable
2F98=Donkey Kong Koala
2FA8=Another Koala Kong
2FB8=Cartoony Ladybug
2FC8=Mansion Lamp
2FD8=Lounge Chair
3008=Crate (no collision)
3018=Gangster Lenny (big guy)
3028=Gangster Lenny With Crate
3038=Gangster Lenny Swimmin' Wit' Da Fishes
3048=Gangster Lenny Backstabbed
3068=Lizard of Oz Bot
3078=Lizard of Oz Boss
3098=Large Padlock
30A8=Game Logo
30B8=Mansion Lounge Couch
30C8=Alligator Minion
30D8=Level TV (no button/glitchy)
30E8=Level TV 2 (different pictures)
30F8=Level TV 3
3108=Level TV 4
3118=Machine Lever
3128=Mad Bomber's? TNT
3138=Belching Mailbox (sadly no animation plays)
3158=Map Icon?
3168=Map Icon B
3178=Map Icon C
3188=Map Icon D
3198=Real Barricade
31A8=Barricade B
31B8=Explosive Debris Effect?
31C8=Debris Effect 2
31E8=Tall Column
31F8=Tall Column No Top
3208=Whitewall Tire
3218=Tire Stack
3228=Large Tire Stack
3238=Breakable Window?
3248=Broken Window?
3258=Column Top
3268=Cracked Column Chunk
3278=Solid Column Chunk
3288=Large Slanted Platform
3298=Platform 2
32A8=Column Rubble
32B8=Column Top 2
32C8=Cracked Column Top
32D8=Yet Another Slanted Platform
32F8=Fighter Mech
3308=More Developers Having Fun "Megbox"
3318=Massive Metal Spider
3328=Metal Spider
3338=Golden Mine (no hitbox)
3348=Damaging Underwater Golden Mine
3358=Minecar W/ Gold
3368=Higher Underwater Mine
3378=Short Moving Water Mine
3388=Fire Lamp
3398=Roman Jar (vase?)
33A8=Smashable Barrel
33B8=Beer Bottle
33C8=Self Destructing Cage Door???
33D8=Cage Wood?
33E8=Mob Cash Pile
33F8=Another Mob Gun!
3418=Mob Lock
3428=Row of Money?
3438=Row of Money 2
3448=Single Dollar?
3458=Gunshot Effect
3468=Mob PoolTable
3478=Really Long Rope
3488=Mob Table
3498=Crate W/ Red Leaf (Canadian themed Crate?)
34A8=Large Square Crate
34B8=Two Large Crates
34C8=Tall Crate?
34D8=Another Crate Stack
34E8=Lifted Rectangle Crate
34F8=Blue Column Pedestal
3508=Plant and Flower
3518=Plant 2
3528=Large Roman Arch Roofing
3538=River Schticks Gravestone
3548=Metal Stairs?
3558=Metal Stairs 2
3568=A View to Achillies Sign
3588=Dr. Scrolls Ogre Eaters Sign
3598=Road To Ruins Sign
35A8=Creepy Mummy
35B8=Big Mushroom Stub
35D8=A Lantern
35E8=North Pole Sign
35F8=Nurde Beach Sign
3608=Another Wooden War Jack
3618=Purple Ogre Cyclops
3628=Toxic Waste Barrel
3638=Weird Oildrum (animates!)
3648=Another Oildrum (explosive one?)
3658=Open Empty Oildrum
3668=Warped Oildrum
3688=Rampant Fire Effect
3698=The Organ Trail Entrance Sign
36B8=Oz CannonBall
36C8=Oz Cannon
36D8=Palm Tree (originally used for fly coins)
36E8=Pansy Flower
3708=Paw Button
3718=Pool Ball (seizure party)
3748=Pirate's Flag (painful noises)
3758=Large Pirate Flag
3768=Pirate Frame?
3788=Doofy Looking Little Pig
37A8=Flying Pigeon
37B8=Normal Pig
37D8=Skeleton Pirate Captain?
37E8=Pirate Picture
37F8=Pirate "Poof"?
3808=Gun Powder Keg
3818=Another Plant
3828=2D TNT Plunger
3848=Green Pooltoy
3868=Wooden Post
3878=Power TV (health in this case)
3888=Metal Nailed Powder Keg
3898=Anubian "Priest"
38B8=Prisoner Post
38C8=C. Tack Inmate 109-73
38E8=Pirate Sword
38F8=Pirate Sword 2
3908=Stray Green Fly (health)
3928=Smoke Puff Effect
3938=Wall? (gate)
3978=Strange Platforms?
3988=Ramses Staff
39A8=Gex Egyptian Statue
39B8=Vicious Rat
39C8=Vicious Rat 2
39D8=Rat Sounds?
39E8=Roman Bed
39F8=Red Flower
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List of known objects finished!

As previously stated,details are in an earlier post on just how this code works.
Another detail,I used 64bit read and write commands to make this work,which is kinda complex since no other stuff like Gamecube/Wii has 64bit range access due to only having the 32bit register slots.
(despite Dolphin Emu becoming 64bit only which is likely also a performance boost along with higher max memory access)

Gex 3 - Deep Cover Gecko (U)

Object Mod Swap (finished)
81031410 0C02
81031412 4000
81090000 3C08
81090002 8008
81090004 DD08
81090006 xxxx
81090008 3C02
8109000A 8008
8109000C 2442
8109000E yyyy
81090010 FC48
81090012 0000
81090014 6408
81090016 0000
81090018 3C08
8109001A 8008
8109001C 2508
8109001E zzzz
81090020 5048
81090022 0006
81090024 0000
81090026 0000
81090028 2442
8109002A 0010
8109002C 3C08
8109002E 8008
81090030 DD08
81090032 xxxx
81090034 1000
81090036 FFF6
81090038 0000
8109003A 0000
8109003C 0800
8109003E C44A
3A08=2D Remote Graphics?
3A18=Red Remote (may break the game)
3A28=More Remot Gfx?
3A48=Another Rex
3A58=Intro Rex (lower-poly)
3A68=TV Bug Enemy
3A78=Flying TV Bug Enemy
3A88=? An Orb?
3A98=Another Shockwave
3AA8=Anime Robot Cop (he's a Robert,he's a cop)
3AB8=Beatable Bug TV Enemy
3AE8=Small Object W/ Massive Collision
3B08=Intro Rez (really demanding)
3B28=Rez Tank
3B38=Another TV Bug Enemy
3B58=Tutorial Rock Wall
3B68=Rock Pile
3B78=Wrestler Boss
3B88=Some Rocks
3B98=Rope Mast
3BA8=Alfred Turtle Rowing Boat
3BB8=Railroad Sign
3BD8=Gangster's Safe
3BF8=An Evil Santa
3C08="Sar" (caused a breakpoint crash)
3C28=Satellite Dome
3C38=Satellite Gun Turret
3C48=Satellite Platform
3C58=Dome Zap Wall
3C88=Battallion Cannon?
3C98=Pirate Paw Button?
3CA8=Blue Flower
3CB8=Pirate Paw Cannon
3CC8=Ship Cannon
3CD8=Golden Scarab Enemy
3CE8=Pirate Treasure
3CF8=Huge Pirate Treasure
3D08=Another Treasure Chest
3D18=Another Orb
3D28=Cone Shaped Object?
3D38=Pardon Our Mess Under Construction Sign
3D48=Scorpion Enemy
3D58=Spin Crank?
3D78=Frozen Rex
3D88=Rex Thawing Out (damage box and killable?!?)
3D98=Danger Sign
3DA8=Blue Door
3DB8=Explosion Effect
3DD8=Skull Doorframe
3DE8=A Sound Effect?
3E08=Large Gate A
3E18=Large Gate B
3E28=Pirate's Rum Treasure
3E38=Mule Rental Stand
3E78=Sharky (funny glitch spaz as candy cane/standing collision?)
3E88=Ship Picture
3E98=Outhouse? (no joke,real name is "shithb")
3EB8=Hercules Platform (no function elsewhere)
3EC8=Metal Plating?
3ED8=Tilting Metal Plating?
3EE8=Chunks of Shuttle
3EF8=Level Skeleton Swordsman
3F08=Snowboard Caution Signs
3F18=Medical Flag
3F28=A Target
3F38=2D Gex Coin (BETA or not?)
3F48=Skull Entrance
3F58=Breakable Gate?
3F68=Gate With Hole
3F78=Tiny Wooden Object
3F88=Sleigh (For Sale)
3F98=Pirate Lever
3FA8=Another Lever
3FB8=Lantern W/ Lit Candle
3FC8=Covered Version Of Previous Lantern
3FD8=Round Light
3FE8=Active Round Light
3FF8=Another Active Round Light
4008=A Red Light
4028=Less Tiny Wood Object
4038=Black and White Striped Post
4048=Tiny Chunk Of A Gate
4058=Another Kind Of Light
4068=Itznot Mine Sign
4088=Smoke Effect
4098=Purple Smoke Effect
40A8=Defiled Snow Santa
40B8=Snowbud The Snowman
40F8=Ice Block Platform
4108=Silent Soldier (the one that normally burped when hit)
4118=Large Space Satellite
4138=Small Roman Helmet Soldier
4148=Massive Sphere?
4168=Spike (hopping spiked friend from intro)
4178=2D Can of Spinach
4188=Spit Vase (it has eyees)
4198=Spit Power Fire?
41A8=Green Spit Power
41E8=Snowskater Dancing_Sign
41F8=Snowflake Dancing_Sign
4208=Peppermint Platforms
4218=Twinkling Effect
4238=Anime Teleport Pad (can step on since it does nothing modded)
4248=Steamy Effect
4258=Red/Blue Step?
4268=Brighter Step
4278=Sticky Swinger (roman level)
4288=Skull TNT Barrel (sadly can't push)
4298=Skull TNT?
42B8=Weirdly Lit Street Lamp
42C8=Waterin Hole Sign
42D8=Steering Wheel? (oddly spelled "wiil" in RDRAM)
42E8=Fire Lever?
4308=Taker (creepy skeleton man)
4318=Small Skeleton Pirate Ship (targets)
4328=Red Towncar
4338=Another Column Bridge? (named teeter)
4348=Cartoonish Tent (sleeping breaths and ZZZs)
4358=Cool Tank (tformr/Terrorformer?)
4368=Taker's Head
4388=Tree Limb
4398=2D Tombstone
43B8=Mean Eyed Tornado
43C8=Large Platform
43D8=Train Track
43E8=Dead Tree
43F8=Trashcan (dunno if gangster)
4408=Intro Alfred Turtle (killable?)
4418=Tank Shell???
4428=Monumental Grave Dated 1841
4438=Another Grave Monument 1841
4448=Wooden Grave 1841
4458=Another Wooden Grave 1841
4468=Large Breakable Target
4478=D.Shultz Trucking Company Truck
4488=Playable Alfred Turtle (killable object?!?)
4498=Helpful Alfred Turtle
44A8=Tut Face (the weird biting wall one)
44B8=Series of Sprites
44D8=Very Tall Wooden Beam?
44E8=Gex Urn
44F8=Blue Vase
4508=Star Icon
4518=Skull Icon
4528=Badge Icon
4538=Radiation Icon
4548=Blank Icon
4558=3D Chrome Star (has collision)
4568=3D Chrome Skull (same)
4578=3D Chrome Badge (hit to destroy with fanfare sound?)
4588=3D Chrome Radiation Symbol
4598=Cheat Square Icon
45A8=Sound Effect?
45E8=Warning Siren Light?
45F8=Warning B?
4608=War Building Chunks (unbreakable/odd collision)
4618=War Building W/ Clean Door
4628=Another War Building
4638=Brick War Building
4648=Purple Brick War Building
4658=White Brick War Wall
4668=White Brick War Building W/ Door
4678=Brick War Building Chunk
4688=Dark Red Brick War Building
4698=War Building W/ Culled Parts
46A8=Rez Monitor
46B8=War Building W/ Window
46C8=War Building W/ Door and Window
46D8=Building Chunks W/ Green Window and Door
46E8=Dark White War Building
46F8=Dark White Building Chunk
4708=Sapphire War Building
4718=Dark White War Building W/ Door
4748=Water Tower (smashing noise when hit)
4758=Bugs Crate
4798=Strangely Placed Lights
47A8=Laser Lightshow
47B8=More Laser Lightshow
47C8=Displaced Laser Lights?
47D8=Spinning Star Effect?
47E8=White's Surf Shoppe Sign
47F8=Snow Generator? (larger snow)
4808=Glass Lamp
4818=Big Bad Wolf
4828=Muscle Beach ->
<- Woosie Beach Sign
4868=Large Bullet
4888=Water Tower Tank
4898=Wooden Target Platform
48A8=Snowy Bush
48B8=Transitioning Color Font?
48E8=Large Pink Sphere (last object)

Hope everyone can figure out how to use this object mod code and enjoy it!
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Oldskool procured codez!

Gex 3 - Deep Cover Gecko (U)

Most Objects and Enemies Missing
810004D4 1000

Distorted Models
80000783 0000

Broken Animation Models
8000078F 0004
07=Weird Poses
09=Crouch For Impressive Levitation Gex

Demented Gex
800007D3 00xx
02=Less Demented

Stiff Models
80000A95 0000

Sonic Run and Headbutt
80000AAF 00xx
FF=Sonic and Headbutt

Some Stiff Limbs
80000AB7 0011

80000AC3 0000

Unhinging Jaw Run
80000AD7 0004

Stubby Stiff Models
80000BCB 000A

Over Ambitious Models
80000BF3 0040

Bent Over Backwards
80000BF7 0043

Looking Up
80000C2F 0040
Use tongue button.

Attacked By Ghosts
80000C33 0043

80000C53 0006

Beyond Slideshow Model Corruption
80000C5F 0000
80085AE2 000D
Even with this lagfix line it still slows to a crawl.

Less Slow Corruption
80000C67 0002
80085AE2 000D

Stable Corruption
80000C6B 0006

Funny Corruption
80000C6F 0004
Similar to Geddan.

Freaky Spazzing
80000C73 0000

Stiffened Animations
81000C78 1000

Metamorphosis Running
80000C93 0000

80000C9B 0004

Exaggerated Animations
80000C9F 0000

Tough Movements
80000CA7 0040

Better Stable Corruption
80000CC3 0090
Attacking works better.

Silly Bent Animation Parts
80000CCF 0040

80000CF3 0040
Kermit: Dehhhhh!

Curling and Wrong Sizes
80000D07 0000

Reverse Curling
80000D0B 0000

Happier Dancing Candy Canes
80000D2B 0000

Hater's Gonna Hate
80000DA7 0040

Reserved Animations
80000DAB 0043

Vertical Licks
80000DFD 0000

Characters Seizure
80000DFF 0000

Stretchy Tail
80000ED7 0040

My Tail!
80000F0B 0004

Dramatic Poses
80000F17 0004

Dislocated Limbs
80000F1B 0004

80000F2B 0080

Awkward Tilting
80000F2F 0083

Twirling Animations
80000F3F 0005

Visible Distance Culling
800FDF36 0008
800FDF38 0008
800FDF3A 0008
Makes the distance fog weak enough to see culled wall chunks at a distance.
Can be changed to simulate widescreen but will have awful culling.

Bad Culling
81001204 2400
Potential clue for a no culling code!

No Map Visibility
8000120C 0024
All culled.

No Culling
810FDE54 1000
810FDE5C 1000
810FDE64 1000
810FDE6C 1000
Crashes Organ Trail.

Try with a widescreen sized view.

Widescreen View?
800FDF36 0008
800FDF38 0008
Crashes Organ Trail,one or the other or both cause it.

Camera View Distance Mod
810FDDFA xxxx
810FDDFE xxxx
810FDE02 xxxx
When pressing down-C.
044C=Close Default
0640=Middle Default
08CA=Far Default

Skip Cutscenes
810023B0 1000
Still get to see Gex say something.

Odd Level Object Conditions
800029E5 0000
Gex is not themed until a death,all versions of some objects appear such as Rex despite if he was already freed.
Downside is you can't pause and it in cinema screen size.
Triggering any cinema styled cutscene also locks pausing.

Skip Cutscene Camera Routine
80002CF7 0010
Still gets stuck on cinematic view's no pausing annoyance with levels like Cut-cheese Island.
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Old 17th December 2017, 04:18 AM
gamemasterplc gamemasterplc is offline
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Heres an actual widescreen code for gex 3. wider than 16:9 still has culling

810FDF36 0C00
810FDE5C 0924
810FDE54 097A
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Old 18th December 2017, 02:25 AM
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Too bad 60fps at proper pacing isn't so easy to find.
The most I have found is animation speeds and the bit calculation that causes real 60fps to render but its at double speed with the usual desync because of being too fast.
This game would be incredible at a fluid smooth 60fps,hopefully it can be found eventually.

Speaking of 60fps,SM64 is a curse to me because of how its never shown any sign of slower pacing for the access to 60fps using the modded 2406 0001 trick that MK64's code has.

No codes done today because I was out for a pre-Christmas family gathering.
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