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Old 14th April 2013, 05:13 PM
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Originally Posted by nintendo1889 View Post
Maybe I'll let Zilmar know of the regression,
Not really a problem.
He might not even be able to control it himself necessarily.

The nature of interrupting and re-starting especially in a way that is meant for compatibility but not necessarily accuracy, does not mean for it to also be the most stable solution. To "fix" it he might have to cancel the support.

Could be wrong; it's just not my focus.

Originally Posted by nintendo1889 View Post
it's weird that the older beta works fine, but how it breaks in the newest.
If possible you might prefer testing on PJ64 1.6 or MUPEN64; those will be void of the new audio timing bypass settings so that they don't factor into the equation of testing for accuracy.

For games like this though obviously it requires PJ64 1.7 or later.

Originally Posted by nintendo1889 View Post
Now if I can only get World Driver Championship to work. I've yet to figure out which RDB plugin to use, too bad I can only have one in the folder at the time, otherwise they show up as ten duplicate names in the plugin selection window.
Clicking the "About" button says "RSP Interpreter" for the normal rsp.dll, "Iconoclast's MLE Test" for the title if it's HLE gfx + LLE aud or the other way around, and "Basic RSP Simulator" if vid + aud are both HLE.

You just need rsp_pj64.dll to get World Driver Championship to work.
You need to use Jabo's DirectSound or zilmar's No Sound, not any other plugin.
e.g. AziAudio, zilmaraudio dll will crash the game at boot.

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