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Default Lag

hi there i am kinda new to this so i apologize if this is a dumb question but i was wondering if there might be a way around some lag that i am getting when playing games. in new tetris every time that i have several gold/silver blocks on the screen and i then remove some by making a complete line i get a few secs where the game slows to 14fps. then it goes back to normal. i remove a bunch of lines then it happens again. this repeats over and over about every 2-3 min. also i am noticing this happen in banjo kazooie. every 4-5 min a mini lag spike. i have tried to run this in both window and full screen with same results. i have change resolution from 1600 to 1050 both in 16bit and 32bit

i have no idea what to do

i am running version 1.6 w/o any extras

xp pro 2.0 dual core AMD 4GB ram 2600HD 512MB card

i am just wondering if there is an ideal setting to run this program


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we've always been slow in New Tetris because jabo's plugin (still) doesn't handle texture heavy games very well.. try other video plugins perhaps please?
it's not really a problem with your system i think.. have you tried other games?
Smiff (PJ64 team )
Main test PC: Athlon dual core 1.25-2.5Ghz (variable), 2GB RAM, GF8800GS driver 175.19, 1680x1050, External Audio, XP SP2.
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