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Old 27th November 2016, 05:29 PM
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Default Cheats not available on Windows 10

Hi guys, I just tried to run Project64 1.6 on Windows 10 and I don't see cheats like I used to on Windows 7 or XP, it doesn't work on Windows 10 anymore or?

Thanks in advance.
Old 27th November 2016, 06:53 PM
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First,you should try right clicking in the cheats and adding a new one of any kind to test things.
I had an issue the other day on a 1.7 (known leak build) version where the game list refused to refresh for a while before eventually giving in,stalling my 60fps code hunt attempts.
Maybe your issue is related to Windows 10's 1607 update in some way?

Of all games to not show cheats,you'd think Goldeneye would have some,then again that game has an immense number of cheats I think so it could be glitched from the sheer mass of cheats.

I'd say grab the latest version of PJ64 and copy/paste its cheat file over yours.

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