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Old 6th March 2017, 05:07 PM
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Default Am I missing something, or does rapid fire not work?

I'm doing Canary Mary, and attempting it without rapid fire is giving me really bad cramps. Unfortunately no matter what combination of settings I try I can't get rapid fire to actually do anything other than a single press.

I've searched and searched on Google and on this forum. I've found other people complaining of the same issue, but with fixes that don't work for me (eg using Slow Rapid Fire). CatHat posted pictures of their config, but the links to those pictures are dead so I can't see them. I've tried the Slow option, I've tried the toggle option, I've tested it with other buttons, I've tried that mystery checkbox that has no label indicating of what it does.

Here's one attempt to set it up.

I can get the toggle to permanently hold a button down, so I permanently crouch or whatever, but I've never found any combination of settings that actually results in rapid fire.

Has anyone gotten this working on a 2.x release?
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Old 14th August 2017, 01:57 AM
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Nah, I've had that problem as well. N-Rage is still too fast even with slow rapid fire.

It's not constant, though. Maybe it's only when the frame rate pikes up or down for a temporary moment or something, but the rapid fire does eventually work in N-Rage after so long.

It's easiest for me to just use the keyboard plugin I wrote, though. Even if there was an issue with overly frequent rapid fire, I can edit the CFG file to control the turbo press interval that way.
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