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Default PJ64 v2.2.0.3 Incessant beeping

Hello all. I finally got PJ64 to work on Windows 10, and now I'm getting this continuous beebeep beebeep beebeep the entire time I'm playing. Usually not a problem, but I'm playing LoZ Ocarina of Time and I need to hear in the Kokiri forest. Any ideas? Thanks ahead of time.

P.S. I'm way past my 30-day rollback period so downgrading isn't an option. I'm using an XBOX 360 controller to play and that's working fine. It's just the beeping. The beeping...the beeeeeeeeepiiiiing...

Update 2016-02-15 18:30 CST: Sooo.....it turns out that for some reason Firefox is what was beeping. No clue why, but it wasn't a PJ64 issue at all. Carry on!

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