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Default Please Help!! Project64

hello guys im new here, looking to see if anyone can help me out.
I have been going to the website called online-console ( cant post links ) and have been playing zelda the orcarina of time, using the project 64 emulation v1.6. I have been using my ps4 controller, which i have connected to the usb port of my laptop(not using wirelessly). i have played the game no problem saved it many times come back to it the next day and pick up where i left off no problem. Although when i tried to play this past sunday, as i boot up my emulation and save state, i realize my controller all the sudden is not connected. I use to be able to go to configure controller, then i would select the microsoft xbox 360 controller option in the drop down menu(even though im using a ps4 contoller it detects this controller as one) and just map my buttons no problem, have done this numerous times without a problem. and like i said i go to play the other day and my controller was gone not in the drop down menu like it always has been. In fact every other time i have booted up the emulation i didnt have to configure anything it just recognized my contoller and kept my controls the same. Now i cant get anything to work except for the actual keyboard. the only option it gives me instead of the none in the drop down menu is "wireless controller" when it use to say microsoft xbox 360 controller, and when i try to select the wireless controller and map the controller is wont let me assign any buttons.

All in all, just wondering why it worked perfectly no problem for a few months now and then all the sudden it just has stopped working as it was for me. Any input would be appreciated idk what to do over here. thanks guys

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