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Old 20th March 2016, 10:16 AM
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Default Can I quit Pj64 with the Xbox One Controller?


I want to use Project 64 on my HTPC that is running Windows 10. The controller works fine (except no rumble) but I want to use a frontend like Emulationstation and no keyboard/mouse. I can boot Pj64 with a rom but is it possible to quit the game with the controller and not the keybord?
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Old 24th March 2016, 12:32 AM
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ABSOLUTELY! The details below may be EXACTLY what you're looking for in terms of a frontend AND closing a game with a controller!

The way to go about it is through Steam. There is a process that automatically adds all of your N64 games as Steam shortcuts. Said process is called Steam ICE. There is good and bad with it however (at least from MY experience). The good is that it organizes all of your N64 games (or SNES, NES, PSX, etc...) and gives them Steam banners to boot. The BAD is that if you have a LOT of Steam shortcuts to non-Steam games they'll go away and you'd have to manually add them back again (happened to me...). Not only THAT, but in order for the ICE method to RECOGNIZE your ROMs you'll have to remove ALL the extra "tags" at the end of their names. What I mean by this for example would be the (U), [!], (v1.x), or ANYTHING after the game's name. The ROM file must ONLY contain the name of the game and NOTHING else i.e "Super Mario 64.z64". If you don't have all that many non-Steam shortcuts then proceed with the process. You can also manually add your N64 games instead. Firstly open up Steam and head to your games library. Then click "+ Add Game" and "Add Non-Steam Game...". A window will pop up with a list of various installed apps and programs on your P.C. For convenience sake, just choose the first .exe (or ANY .exe as it doesn't matter. We'll change it). Once you choose it, it will then appear in your games library. At that point right-click and choose properties. Proceed with the following:

Change the name of the shortcut to whatever ROM you're trying to set up.

Under Target:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Project64 (1.x/2.x)\Project64.exe" "C:\Program Files (x86)\ROMs\N64\N64 ROM.z64"

Under Start In:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Project64 (1.x/2.x)

Your directories will likely be different, but the "Target" information contains two halves separated by quotation marks. Firstly, the location folder and .exe of the emulator. I have "(1.x/2.x)" simply as a placeholder as your version may vary. This is also the case with "N64 ROM.z64". The second half contains the location of your N64 ROMs folder and the ROM in question. QUOTATION MARKS ARE A MUST!!! INCLUDE THOSE IN YOUR TARGET INFO!!!

Under "Start In" there are NO quotations. If you correctly inputted the proper directories it should boot!

Now... onto closing the game with the controller. To do this you have to go through Steam Big Picture Mode. Open up Steam and hold down the Guide button. Once SBPM opens, head to the game and launch it. When you're done playing press the Guide button to open the Steam overlay and close the game!

Once everything is to your satisfaction you can add a custom banner for the game. Now doing the Steam ICE method banners will be setup automatically, but if you dislike them you can change them. Whether changing them or setting up an banner for the first time do the following:

Open Steam (NOT in BPM), go to your games library, and on the right side of the window you'll see View. Choose Grid View (looks like a small window). Go to the game in question, right-click and choose "set custom image" (or Remove if you're changing one). Then proceed to desired image's directory (recommend placing in a folder where the ROMs are or anywhere you'll always keep banners).

Here's a GREAT source for N64 Steam banners HERE.

You also bring up the lack of RUMBLE. There exists Nrage plugins that have XInput RUMBLE functionality, but to get it across near ALL input plugins visit my Steam Thread on the subject which contains a download and instructions to enable full RUMBLE compatibility for Xbox One controllers HERE.

If you plan to go forward with this, you can create an N64 category and add the N64 games to it.

There you have it! Good luck!


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