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Old 27th August 2014, 10:06 PM
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When you used 64-bit Chrome, your ass got molested 64 times.
They come and drug you in your sleep so that you wake up and your senses are all dulled down, therefore 64-bit version of their product seems eve faster than 32-bit version. In fact it is, so that you can hurry up and get infected faster.

Anyway for once I agree with you. There should be a 64-bit version of this emulator so that complex RCP emulation (even in HLE) can take advantage of x86 64-bit instruction set. That, and main r4k on n64 has 64-bit instructions. I'm mostly just in for the plugins tho.
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Old 27th August 2014, 10:41 PM
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Originally Posted by retroben View Post
Since open sourced 2.x is available now,I would like to see a 64bit version of PJ64 get made.

When I use the 64bit branch of Chrome,it runs a bit faster than the original 32bit Chrome.
Too bad no one has done anything with PJ64 2.1's source, aside from that fruity edition nonsense.

I do wonder how much faster LLE video plugins would be with 64 bit. Emulators would be a bit easier to write too.
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