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Old 9th September 2014, 01:49 AM
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I finally d'led the (E) version of Conker so I can easily port the PAL codes by using the memory viewer to find out their original values.

Conker's Bad Fur Day (U)

Framerate fix [C.Guru]
8102BE42 0671
Ported to NTSC by yours truly.

Edit:Just found out Berri's House when she gets kidnapped is on the same level number as the C*** and Plucker bar.

...and I hastily threw together a coordinates modifier that takes you ther when using the Intro Swap code with 1D!

Berri's Kidnapping Room XYZ Location
810CC2E4 C385
810CC2E6 ECD8
810CC2E8 4510
810CC2EA 42A0
810CC2EC 43E5
810CC2EE 8783
Positions you at Berri's Kidnapping room.

*facepalm* It is above the bar,just use the Levitate code without going out and you will get there.

water height level modifier (by ConkerGuru)
810A2D50 C61C
810A2D54 469C
810A2D58 C61C
810A2D5C 469C
D0042A14 0008
810A2D60 xxxx
d0042A14 0004
810A2D60 C61C
810A2D64 469C
Ported to NTSC,only affects land.
Use the "Great Balls Of Poo" chapter for the swim ability and you can swim in air above land.
C500=Little Higher
C560=Less High
4000=Really High
Also,I reccommend using Infinite Oxygen/Air to swim freely.
;Added up/down activator with D-PAD for turning it on and off.

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