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I'll be more organized next time . Although I'm not sure when the next time I'll even submit anything. It depends how much zilmar cares about optimizing his RSP recompiler. Since I'm still going through my own code, I'm focusing mostly on accuracy atm, as well as studying RSP code in games a bit. One thing I'd like to fix is Rogue Squadron though.
Originally Posted by Predator82 View Post
There“s a pull request on git
Is this tested & comes soon?
Your favorite game will run better now !
Originally Posted by HatCat View Post
Bin/Inno Setup/Project64_Bundle.exe
deleted file mode 100644
Binary files a/Bin/Inno Setup/Project64_Bundle.exe and /dev/null differ
lul. First time I got the project64 repository from GitHub, and already Microsoft Security Essentials starts wiping the file just as I'm cloning it from

Well w/e, doesn't really matter if I'm just trying to get/build the EXE anyway since I lost the emulator.
To be honest I have never tried building before...I hope it's not hard and/or full of warnings.

[Edit] Nope, fails to load all the files in VS2010. Only the VS2008 makefile works. Guess I stick to the beta downloads page.
I think zilmar actually removed the ads from source, but I guess he didn't remove the binary stuff ;/ . Good reminder though as I recently had the same issue. I think I couldn't download with chrome browser.

It's a pain to compile, but like you, I found that v2008 makefile works. I was able to convert it to 2010 and compile with that. I can't compile the exe with 2013 though. The RSP is able to compile with 2013. I'm glad I kept 2010 . Idk why, but the exe is configured to have glide64 as a dependency. I think it's better to remove the dependency.
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