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Originally Posted by zilmar View Post
Yes removed the old ad code but did not remove the binary, sorry.
Originally Posted by zilmar View Post
the dependency was just if I updated the plugin and then run the binary I wanted it to build those libraries. So it is just to force the compiler to build it.
Makes sense. It was weird how out of nowhere, i couldn't debug PJ64.exe with MSVC anymore, even though I was able to build it. I'll have to become more familiar with MSVC project options. Wouldn't have been a problem if I could compile PJGlide64. After removing the dependency, I was able to debug.
Originally Posted by zilmar View Post
well technically it is jabo's compiler, I did the interrupter and the re compiler was partly based off my r4300 compiler, but most of the compiler in the RSP is jabo's work.
Oh ok. Wasn't sure how much, each of you did.
Originally Posted by zilmar View Post
I mostly just focused on making the RSP interrupter as accurate as possible.

Since at the time we mostly just focused on audio though the rsp it was maybe not the most efficient re compiler. I am sure there is lots of things to make it even faster.
Ya I could tell audio was the primary focus. Aside from implementing all the incomplete instructions, vectorizing the flags & accumulators, upgrading to SSE2, and adding more game specific & opcode optimizations, make a huge difference.

I can help speed up the recompiler some more, but I hope to fix some of the bugs I've encountered first.

Originally Posted by zilmar View Post
Looks like WTL should be upgraded to version 9 for proper support in Visual studio 2013
Good to hear . I honestly couldn't find a solution when googling.
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