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Old 29th March 2023, 01:44 PM
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Default need advice for rotating the stick (mario Party)


after a long time I wanted to play Mario Party again. Now I remember what I hated as a child. those minigames where you have to rotate the analog stick as fast as possible.

My hands were red as a child from those game. I do have a controller but I do not want to damage the stick. I fear that if I rotate the stick too heavy it might break.

So any ideas what I could to?

-I tried to change game speed but I can only make it super super fast or super super slow. 25-50% gamespeed would held a lot for these games.

-a way to "cheat" click any botton and create an artifical spin?

-a cheat to automatically win/lose/skip those games?

so far I play on easy and loose all those rotating games.

Thanks for helping.

Edit: ok my mistake +/- is working I just used the wrong +/-. It also helped to win the minigame ^^. Also just realizing now that this forum isnt much active any more.

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