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Question PJ64 Works fine, then Dies!

Right, wondering if anybody can help me here

Got Project 64 about 2 weeks ago, got some Roms and started playing, no problems whatsoever, had to mess around with the settings til i found one that worked for me, but it worked!

So yesterday i begin playing, do a couple of hours then go for a break. Few hours later i come back, and it freezes before the game can even get past the title screen. Have to restart my pc, come back, same thing again another 2 times in a row.

So it's died on me really, FPS has gone down so low that it just screws up my PC. And im really confused, since i havnt changed any of the settings, and theres been no major changes to my pc in the last few days

So, before anybody makes the suggestions :

My pc can play it fine, theres nothing wrong with my spec, although if anybody thinks they can find a flaw in it i will post it.
I've turned off all other programs, hoping it would get the fps back up, but to no avail
I've tried many roms, all of which causing the same problem
I've got the latest driver for my GFX card
I've uninstalled and reinstalled, still causes problems

So, im pretty much baffled on this one, anybody having the same troubles or know of a fix? I would very much like to get back to enjoying this fantastic program!

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you haven't accidentally switched to interpreter mode?

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Also what game?

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